Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week in Review (January 20 - January 26)

Tuesday - Speed work! warm up, 6 x 400 and cool down. Yes, the picture below was my best effort. HAHAHAHA.

Was feeling pretty sore when I got home, so I did a "new to me" yoga/pilates Fitness Blender video. It was different, and I felt better after doing it.
Wednesday - An hour of hills... max incline 7.5%. Which, let me tell you, IS HARD. This was HARD. But I'm trying to get stronger this year, and I would like running to not feel as...well, hard. HA.

I'm also trying to get back into doing some cross training. I've been slacking over the last year or so and I can tell that it has affected my running. I did another "new to me" video - this one was a chest and shoulders video, which I also liked.
Thursday - 3.3 miles on the treadmill, which were pretty nice.
Friday - So my extended family was in town for my nephew's Bar Mitzvah. I left work early so that I could make it to the service and dinner. It was nice to catch up with everyone, but I ate too much. Again.
Saturday - The goal was to get a decent mid length (I was aiming for about 6 miles) run in before heading back up to Boulder for the Bar Mitzvah. I got up before dawn and headed to Sloans Lake, where I hoped to run two loops around the lake. Right from the beginning I felt "off" - and it didn't get better from there. It was SUPER cold, but there were actually a few people out on the two lane "trail" around the lake. I needed to use the bathroom, but it was so dark I couldn't see where any were. Lets just say that I should have stopped after one loop. Instead, there was an incident. :*(  Sometimes I really hate running.

The after party was at the bowling alley - with an open bar. Another full day of family fun and eating too much. Since it was also my nephew's birthday, we had a huge chocolate cake. Then, we had pizza Saturday. I was awoken about 2 hours after I went to bed because A was puking. So that was fun.
Sunday - A claimed to be recovered from her food poisoning (or whatever had happened), and still wanted to go on our weekly run. I had been hoping to go run on a trail, but with the moisture we have had, many were too muddy and I didn't think she would like that. I was a bit hungover, so we didn't head out onto Big Dry Creek until after the sun was up. It was a bit windy at the start, but then it really warmed up. We did three miles! A is really building up a pretty good base.

Can you believe this is Colorado in January??
We then met up with my cousins and their kids before they had to the airport. We went to Boondocks where the kids were able to play laser tag, go bowling, miniature golfing, go carting and playing arcade games.

The cousins had to head to the airport, and we went to the Southern Sun for beers and dinner.

We clearly hadn't eaten ENOUGH, and had some dessert bread (and I had more beer). And then the newest challenge was born. More details below.
Monday - 4 mostly ok miles on the treadmill and a video - 100 Rep Squat Challenge #2.

Miles Run - 23.6 miles
Minutes of Cross Training - 0
Minutes of Strength Training/Stretching - 73! (Way up from the 0 of weeks past)

Weekly Gain - 3.2 pounds

  • Well, the weigh in was a day earlier, and a direct result of the "NEW CHALLENGE"
  • So L and I have a fascination with shows like "My 600 Pound Life" and "The Biggest Loser." I like watching shows like this. We watched a show on Sunday night about a woman in the United Kingdom that purposely gained 42 pounds (in three months), just to prove that it can be lost in the same amount of time, just by eating everything in moderation and very "moderate" exercise.
  • I have been out of control AGAIN with the food/eating. I know I have food issues, mainly that if I am around different/good things I become unable to STOP. Every meal is like "the last supper." Stupid.
  • So. I am not trying to gain or lose anything in an irrational amount of time, but there were a few things I "liked" about the show. The idea (and TRUTH), that if you don't go overboard, you CAN enjoy all the things you like. Again, my problem is STOPPING. 
  • I've also been out of control with the weekly weigh in and the calorie log in. So another part of the "challenge" is that there is NO weigh in until the end day, and there is NO calorie logging.
  • So what makes this "fun"??? - WELL, L and I roped Heather into joining us. We are still sending each other pictures of our food, and on March 1, we are doing a weigh in and whoever loses the largest percentage wins a $50 gift card, paid for by the two "losers" - we did a picture virtual weigh in Monday morning.
  • Just for the fun of the BLOG, I will do a daily collage of what I ate that day. I KNOW, COULD MY BLOG GET ANY BETTER?
  • So... day 1 of the challenge - this is what I ate:

  • I actually COOKED again this week. A picked an enchilada recipe. It was pretty delicious, although probably not super nutritious.
Everything Else

Still loving the job. I have to share this picture of our fabulous break room!


  1. Wow, that's a pretty great break room!! It's even better than ours!!

  2. 3 miles and she's the one that insisted on going out? A is incredible!!!!!

    Love the breakroom! Treat your employees well and they'll be happy and productive. Such a no-brainer for employers it's baffling how there could be so many crappy places to work. Like you, I've experienced the dark side...but I love where I work now.

    Just a lil suggestion from this mexican in SoCal: Corn tortillas are SO MUCH 1. healthier 2. more authentic than flour tortillas for enchiladas. You'll cut the cals practically in half and then they'll be decently healthy.

    I guess I won't comment on the "incident" even though I'm dying to know what number. ;) We're all runners here! ;)

    Can't wait for the daily food posts!

  3. that contest is pretty smart-like dietbet with less people. and that explains your cooking post that i saw (maybe on instagram?or FB?). i'm with you on the not knowing when to stop- i polished off a bag of cookies i made in one sitting. why i couldn't just have 1 or 2 i have no idea. stress, i think.


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