Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week in Review (September 9 - September 15)

Tuesday - Did intervals during lunch. After work, I went with L and my dad to get new iPhones. We all have the 4S and decided to save a ton of money and just upgrade to the 5S. Which honestly, is pretty sweet compared to what I had. Got in another few miles after that.
Wednesday - Fun night at run club! Newton was the sponsor and I tried the new "Aha" - which I didn't especially love. A bit more narrow in the toe box, so not for me.
Thursday - Like last year on September 11, I ran 9.11 miles. Always lacking in time, I had to split my run into two segments, during lunch and after work.
Friday - Shockingly, pizza and beer.
Saturday - Up early to do a trail run on North Table. It was CHILLY, and I actually wore long sleeves for this run! It was in the upper 30's when I left the house and only mid 40's when I finished. 
After breakfast and a quick shower, we headed up to Mount Falcon for a hike with A's Girl Scout troop.

Sunday - Nothing.
Monday - 4.1 mile progressive run on the treadmill during lunch. CHAOS after work.

If Target can put out the Halloween candy, I can start wearing Halloween apparel
Weekly Miles Run - 30.11 (very high considering I had no races)
Minutes of Cross Training - 60
Minutes of Strength - None

Weekly Loss - 2.2 (117.6) 
  • When I for REAL use the FitBit how it is intended (logging EVERY calorie) and not going under, I can apparently lose a bit of weight. (FYI, I am certainly still eating, calories for each day: T-1615, W-1390, T-1697, F-1851, S-2577, S-1627, M-1741).
  • Like I learned the last time I wanted to lose a few pounds, nothing has to be CUT OUT... just don't be unreasonable (which sometimes is hard, I am for REAL a bottomless pit).
Everything Else
  • We are having a lot of fun with Batman Sour. He seems to be mellowing out (sort of).
  • Wish me luck - I have that interview... tomorrow!
  • I have been selected to be an Orange Mud ambassador! You have seen my posts about my sweet jet pack, and now the benefit is that I can offer a discount to you! Order yours here and code BECKASPEEPS will save you 10%!


  1. Good luck on your interview and I like the Halloween shirt!

  2. Sending good luck vibes out into the universe for your interview today!

  3. As always I love your pictures and update. Good luck on the interview! (And I'm seriously jealous that you had a chilly run. It is still a relentless inferno here.)

  4. I will openly admit i am jealous of what you can eat and still lose weight :):) and, I want that halloween shirt!! hope the interview went well!

  5. Hope the interview went well. Keep us updated!!


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