Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week in Review (September 16 - September 22)

Tuesday - Ran a few easy during lunch and then had a great 6 miles on the treadmill after work.
Wednesday - Left work early for the interview, then I was able to stop at home and pick up A so we could go to run club. I finally got to test out the Hoka, although I don't think I will be buying into the hype. Easy 1.5ish with A.

I broke down and got a Roll Recovery - have you used this??? Hurts so good...
Thursday - Literally ran to/from the doctor during lunch and then another lovely run on the treadmill after work. 7.5 excellent miles.
Friday - Pizza, beer and driving to Buena Vista.
Saturday - Autumn Color Run - more pizza and beer.
Sunday - Nothing in the morning. Spent the afternoon with Jessa watching football and planning what we are going to do for fun in NYC! Hard to believe it is right around the corner!
Monday - A few sorta hard miles during lunch. Legs heavy and tired. Chaos after work, although I was 10 minutes late thanks to traffic. I can't believe it takes over an hour sometimes to go less than 10 miles. And the winter and snow isn't even here yet! After dinner, a quick stretching video - VERY NEEDED.

Weekly Miles Run - 36.37
Minutes of Cross Training- 50
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - 13

Weekly Loss - 1.2 pounds (116.4)
  • How shocking. Eat less, move more. And as I have said - it really is a numbers based game - this whole weight loss thing. My "in" is more of a guesstimate since I ate out a few times this week. But overall, you get the gist.
  • I really like my FitBit - as I said, now that I am actually using it like it should be used - it is really a helpful tool.
  • I ate pretty much all the things this week - again, as long as I am burning what I am eating, it IS, in fact, possible to lose weight without cutting out ANYTHING.

Everything Else
  • So I had the interview last Wednesday. Not sure it really went that well. Was told that they would be contacting people if they made it through to the second interview in 7-10 days (so I guess by the end of this week). If I haven't heard anything by the end of day tomorrow, I will follow-up. It sounds like I would be a good fit, I am just a terrible interviewer.
  • Wow, I was thinking about it today, it has been more than ELEVEN months since I went on my last date. That's sad. I guess.
  • So I filed papers with the Texas AG office a few (?) months ago since the ex has stopped paying child support altogether. For a while there, he was sending something almost every month (less than he was supposed to, but better than nothing). It has been over 4 months since he last sent payment. I will never understand why people don't pay child support.
  • A lost ANOTHER tooth... three teeth since the first week of August. 


  1. How frustrating with child support. I don't understand either...men just assume women can fix it....like they always do. Keep my fingers cross for the interview.

  2. Your running club is sooooo stinkin' awesome! Glad to hear you say that about the Hokas. I'm staying away from that hype too. Those shoes look absolutely ridiculous. But I was surprised to see how many ultra runners at the Angeles Crest 100 were wearing them last month and so I was having 2nd thoughts about buying them. I don't like to miss out on the next big thing, ya know?

    My kid's father pays in streaks. He's paid for the 3rd month in a row after 9 months of nothing. And the excuses they come up with about why they can't "afford" to pay anything...can you imagine ever saying to your child "Sorry Sweetie I can't afford you this month. Go find someone else to feed and clothe you. I'll be all caught up next month." I hope the laws in TX sway in your favor. Major good luck vibes on this one! It's a good thing A has the tooth fairy to bring in a lil' extra cash though (hahaha)!

  3. Really sorry about the child support :( That sucks so much.

  4. it makes me so sad for you and for A to read this. I will never understand how parents can do this. :( I'm sorry. fingers crossed on the job!! and yes, the roll recovery is amazing!! when do you get in for NYC? i get in friday and leave monday.

  5. saw this and thought of your blog. http://wompwompwomp.com/

    hope you get the job!


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