Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week in Review (September 23 - September 29)

Tuesday - I headed out of work about 15 minutes early so I could get a loop on North Table Mesa done before dark. 7.15 miles at the fastest pace I've ever done on the loop. Weather was perfect and I finished just as the sun was setting. Felt great the whole run! Also did some stretching at home.
Wednesday - BodyPump! Hadn't been in a while. I really don't like the new release of this. It seems BodyPump is headed more towards a "Cross Fit" type of program and I don't like it. The moves are so fast and there are a binbillion reps and it seems like a recipe for disaster/injury. Hope the instructor doesn't have to teach this one for too long :(
Thursday - Finally got to try out the new treadmills at the gym. YES, THERE ARE NEW TREADMILLS AT THE GYM. I have been going to my gym for 5 years and these are the first NEW treadmills they gym has had in that amount of time. I had eaten too much at dinner so my run wasn't the greatest (stomach-wise), but leg wise... these treadmills were pretty great.

Friday - Pizza and my friend's 40th birthday BBQ and beer.

Saturday - Bear Chase 50.
Sunday - Me and A were up even EARLIER than I had been up on Saturday to volunteer for the shorter distances at the Bear Chase. We were assigned to the Cattail Creek aid station, so we would only be seeing the half marathon runners. The race didn't start until 7 (and our aid station was only 2.4 miles to the finish), but they had us arriving at 5 am. That was ROUGH. The first hour or so we were standing around (freezing) and talking, waiting for our supplies to arrive.

A enjoyed running sections of the course - including up "mini Mt. Everest"
The set up did not take long. A and I took the first shift of being a course marshal at the turn for "mini Mt. Everest." We had lots of volunteers, so mostly we were cheering on the runners and getting water bottles filled. I'd guess at least half the runners didn't even stop at our aid stations though. We went to Sweet Tomatoes for brunch and then took a MUCH needed two hour nap. Don't really remember the rest of the day.
Monday - Skipped CHAOS, watched tv.

Weekly Miles Run - 62.46
Minutes of Cross Training - 0
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - 73

Weekly Gain - 3.2 pounds (119.6)
  • I started getting REALLY hungry Thursday. I ate a decent amount Friday. Saturday, during the race, I really didn't eat that much and didn't have a huge dinner after. Sunday, I also ate a lot. I didn't really track food because, wow, during a race like that it just doesn't even make sense. I don't think this is all "true" weight gain. We'll see what the scale says next week.
Everything Else
  • This about sums it up...
  • I have not heard back from my interview. I followed up last week. I didn't have a good feeling about it, so I am not surprised, although I suppose they could still be slammed with other interviews, as I know they were looking to fill various positions across the board.
  • In only TWO weeks, I will be celebrating an ENTIRE YEAR without a single date. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


  1. The cat on your t-shirt looks like he's trying to get a sip of your beer.

    I used to love BodyPump but haven't been to BP in years. But I also love CrossFit (just couldn't afford it), so maybe it's time to check out another BP class & see what's new!

  2. I bet your weight is water from loading up on carbs and fluids post race. It will go away.
    And I keep telling you ... you meet guys at church! LOL!

  3. Typically when you put a lot of stress on your body (i.e. 50 miles) you have more inflammation going on which does reflect on scale and takes 3-4 days to leave the body. Very confident you'll be down when you weigh next week.

    speaking from loads of experience, no dates are better than bad / creepy dates :)

  4. i'm convinced you will meet a runner. i used to love body pump but left my gym that has it years ago. also, give me all the pizza and ice cream.


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