Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week in Review (September 2 - September 8)

Tuesday - Nothing. Recovering from the marathon.
Wednesday- BodyPump.
Thursday - Easy intervals on the treadmill during lunch, 7 miles after work.
Friday - Pizza and beer. Made exponentially better by meeting up with Jessa for a drink before heading home.

Saturday - Black Squirrel half marathon.

After lunch, A and I headed to my friends house in the mountains to celebrate her son's 17th birthday. A great evening of way too much food. (There were SIX cheesecakes there and I sampled FOUR of them...)
Sunday - Nothing in the morning other than doing some grocery shopping. Spent the afternoon with Jessa planning our NYC trip and watching the Cowboys get massacred. Jessa taught A how to crochet (not a skill I care to have).

Monday - Intervals on the treadmill during lunch and after work - CHAOS.

Weekly Miles Run - 27.51
Minutes of Cross Training - 60
Minutes of Strength - 60

Weekly Loss - 1.8 (119.8)

  • I don't even know how this is possible. I ate EVERYTHING this week.
  • Related - coming soon, maybe the end of this week, I will post my review of the FitBit Flex that I have been using for the last five weeks or so.
Everything Else
  • I am bummed that I have to wait another few weeks for the new iPhone. I  have had mine for a few years and recently mine decided it no longer wants to play audio. At all. It's so awful not having  my handy Netflix when I'm on the treadmill. #FirstWorldProblems
  • I recently applied for a job that would be PERFECT for me. Within a few hours of sending my resume, I got a reply asking when I was available for an interview. That was last Thursday. I sent a follow-up email at 8 this morning (Tuesday), and have heard nothing. WOMP, WOMP, WOMP.
  • Related: My firm hired YET ANOTHER Partner, and guess what, I work for him too... My head might explode.
  • Cold weather is coming to Colorado. Our high on Friday is supposed to be mid 50's. THE HIGH. What. I'm not ready.


  1. I've debated if i want to learn to crotchet... would be neat for scarves and hats... but thats about it lol.
    I'm told that this winter is supposed to be pretty bad across the US- if thats the case we better get snow this year - last year it was cold, but didn't ever snow.

  2. OOooo.. an iPhone 6! You'll be the first person "I know" to have one! I'm SO ready for some relief from this heat wave, draught, humidity. I miss my boots (and not shaving and letting the pedi go a lil longer...TMI)!!

  3. Hope you had heard from the potential job by now. Keep my fingers ( and toes) cross for you.

  4. i would kill for cold weather. i know, yours lasts way too long and is way more brutal. fingers crossed on the job stuff...


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