Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Normal (Week 16)

Tuesday - Set out to do just a mile, ended up doing a 5k in the basement inferno. Also, video trifecta (legs, arms, core), 105 push-ups, 105 jumping jacks, 3:00 plank. DEAD.
Wednesday - 1 mile before class, 1.5 after. BodyPump not so bad this week, and more fun since L joined me!

Thursday - 4 terrible, terrible miles. By the end of the week I am so hungry that I eat way too much at dinner, then I head to the gym. This was bad news. Almost died.
Friday - Before heading to the airport, I got in a mile in the basement inferno and did two of the videos (arms and core). The day was spent at the airport and in the car. Oh, and eating.
Saturday - Baker's Dozen Half Marathon! More driving, more airport and more eating.
Sunday - I stayed in bed FOREVER. The day was really busy with grocery shopping, taking A roller skating and A going to a birthday party. Exhausted, I did only a mile-ish, which was rough after 4+ beers. Womp.

Monday - A really REALLY great 8+ miles. REALLY GREAT. Had I not been so hungry, and if I had more time, I think I would have run more. Wish all runs were like this. Also, 3:00 plank.

Weekly Miles Run - 33.18 (13.1 racing, 20.08 treadmill)
Minutes of Strength Training - 125 (Not bad, considering I totally slacked on the videos this week)

Weekly Gain - 1.2 pounds
  • Eh. I'm only .2 over where I was 2 weeks ago. Considering all the junk I ate over the weekend, this is to be expected.

  • Beer consumption was a tad bit up, but not out of control. It was mainly just on Sunday. I did not drink at all on my trip. Did you know a Guinness at the Vegas airport is over $10????????? OUTRAGEOUS. I am too cheap for that, for sure.
Everything Else
  • The temp paralegal is gone. Not sure if she was let go or quit. No one has interviewed, not sure if she will be replace.
  • The other legal assistant in the office apparently put in her notice last Monday. The office was not told of it until Friday. NO ONE HAS INTERVIEWED FOR HER POSITION.
  • As a result of the above, I can no longer settle for the horrible-ness that is my job. I have been applying places, and CROSS YOUR FINGERS, I have an interview at another firm (pretty much right across the street from where I am now).
  • The gym is extra crowded this week because a nearby gym is closed all week for renovations. I guess better now than January?
  • Cute guy was at the gym last night. Did not say anything. Still stare awkwardly.
  • I found out I did not make the Runner's Roost race team. A bit sad about it, but I knew I would be a long shot since I'm so slow. They SAY you don't have to be fast to make the retail team, but one of the "requirements" is to "consistently place well" - so I'm not super surprised. Everyone on the team is super nice, so I will see what I can do to improve myself and go for it again next year...
  • And.... nothing else.

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good week. I love it when a run goes really well and feels effortless. That Baker's dozen race sounds like a lot of fun and I will have to try to remember it for next year.


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