Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Normal (Week 14)

Tuesday - 2.25 miles in the basement inferno, video trifecta (legs, arms, core), 50 push-ups. Hope and Terry came over to give me.......... for FREE!! They are The Best!

Wednesday - I got off work a whopping 30 minutes early, then went to the gym and did an 8.3 mile "tempo" run.
Thursday - Redline Turkey Day 10k! Afterwards, I took the kids to see Frozen and was pleasantly surprised. It was a pretty cute movie!! Dropped H off at my parents, then headed down to the "misfit" Thanksgiving that was being hosted at a co-worker's. A was playing on my phone and took about a hundred pictures (literally) of us. I like this one, I'm shoving a piece of cheese in my mouth.

Headed over to my parents house after THAT for actual Thanksgiving. Loud and chaotic, but at least this time we had the sense to put all the kids at a separate table in the living room and it made for things being a TAD better. In bed EARLY.
Friday - L had the great idea for my parents to watch the kids for an hour so we could...... RUN OUTSIDE!!! The weather has been really mild and we enjoyed a nice 7.2 miles on Little Dry Creek, which I have only run one time. I struggled a bit the first few miles but the last 4 were great!

Around noon, A and I braved Black Friday. I'm being over dramatic, because it was not bad AT ALL. A got a new pair of Saucony's, I got a few pairs of running socks. I picked up a few work items at Loft, and we didn't overspend. Not a bad day!

Saturday - Ran a GREAT 8.25 miles at the gym. In the afternoon, A and I went to the Nutcracker with my mom. Such a fun time getting all dressed up and NOT be going to work:
Sunday - I had the brilliant idea to run 12.1 on 12-1. I also had the brilliant idea to get up early and get it out of the way, running in the basement inferno. I was on the treadmill a few minutes after 5. This was a hard, hot run. Later in the day I did the video trifecta (legs, arms, core), 66 push-ups and 66 jumping jacks AND 1:47 plank. Huzzah!! I also watched The Walking Dead fall finale. WTF. WTF. WTF. I was pretty traumatized by this episode but don't want to throw out any spoilers for those that may not have watched it yet. WHAT.
Monday - Maybe all those high mileage days caught up with me, I struggled through 4+ on the treadmill at the gym and called it a night. I've decided to start doing daily planks again (like I was doing in 2010 and 2011), this one was 2:51.

Weekly Miles Run - 48.46 (6.2 racing, 7.2 outside, 35.06 treadmill)
Minutes of Strength Training 113

Gain - 1.0 pounds
  • Oh.
  • I was telling Heather that this was my second highest mileage week in six months. And yet...
  • Of course it WAS Thanksgiving week, and I ate ALL THE THINGS. Co-worker/friend had a birthday on Tuesday and picked Mexican food. Wednesday we had our Thanksgiving lunch, and then of course the for REAL Thanksgiving on Thursday.
  •  Clearly, the weight gain is A MYSTERY.
Everything Else
  • Once again, ZERO dating gossip. Although, I got a strange series of text messages from the ex-husband on Thanksgiving suggesting a "hook up." Is this what it has come down to??? Womp.
  • Work has been very slow lately, so other than the day dragging by nothing to complain about. There were a few people in yesterday interviewing. The temp had originally only agreed to stay through the end of October. She is still here. 
  • Update on A's vision test... the school clearly didn't know WTF they were doing. She went to the eye doctor and has 20/20. So, false alarm on the glasses. But still, school REQUIRES follow-up, which cost me $50. Grrr.
  • And of course, the best news of all!!!
I have OF COURSE accepted. I know a billion other people that have gotten in this year, and am looking forward to (hopefully) a big blogger meet up! I'm assuming hotels will sell out ASAP, so if anyone needs/wants a roommate (the more the merrier), or can recommend somewhere to stay, I would really appreciate it!!


  1. last one! um, I would've gained 5 lbs. NOT KIDDING. refusing to get on the scale for another 2 weeks till I can get my *hit together. My dad and stepmom may end up coming to NYC, so I will keep you posted. laughed at your dating gossip-bc yes, this is how I feel. Not that I have an ex-hubby, but you know what I mean. I'm on a hiatus from men until january. bleh.

  2. Wow, great job on the miles! Yea, I'm pretty much salivating at all those food pictures.

  3. Congrats on your NYCM entry, this will be an amazing race and soo much fun!!

  4. That is great news about the NYCM entry. I definitely over ate all last week. I probably ate 2 whole pies all to myself.


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