Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Normal (Week 15)

Tuesday - 3.6 miles in the basement inferno. Video trifecta (legs, arms, core) AND 99 push-ups, 99 jumping jacks and 3:00 plank. DEAD.
Wednesday - 2 miles total (one before class and one after). I went to BodyPump for the first time in over 18 months. HOLY CRAP. The videos have probably helped a bit, but I am the weakest EVER. Thankfully, due to #coldpocalypse, there was a poor showing and only a handful of people could witness me struggling. 4:02 plank.
Thursday - 5.21 terrible, horrible, no good, very BAD miles on the treadmill. I made the risky decision to eat NINE day old cheesecake at dinner, then hopped on the treadmill. I almost died and/or puked and/or exploded on the treadmill. Poor, poor planning, me. 3:00 plank.

You were so tasty. Why did you try to kill me??
Friday - 1.1 in the basement inferno. Video trifecta (legs, arms, core), 2:10 plank.
Saturday - Fa La La Half Marathon! After almost dying of frostbite/hypothermia, we sat around most of the day. Saturday night A and I went to a Christmas party in Aurora (soooo faaaar). Potluck parties are dangerous. Zero pics, but it was great to see my friends that I don't get to see too much this time of year.
Sunday - Put off running ALL DAY. Took the kids roller skating in the afternoon. Finally did 1ish in the basement inferno. Video trifecta (core, arms, legs). After dinner, A and I met up with my friend DJ, who came in town for work training. Long story condensed - DJ and I dated BRIEFLY in 1999, somewhat not great break up. Weirdly ended up being roommates when I moved to TX in 2000 - he moved out after my now ex-husband moved in. Hadn't seen him in over 10 years, but we have kept in touch with phone calls/texts/Facebook. Funny, it was like no time had passed. Great night!

Monday - 7.25 not terrible miles. My calves were a bit tight (I have gotten off my foam rolling routine AGAIN), and the bottom of my right foot feels... off. 3:10 plank.

Weekly Miles Run - 33.32 (13.1 racing, 20.22 treadmill)
Minutes of Strength Training - 175!!

Loss - 1.0 pounds
  • The body is so weird. I worked out less this week and it seemed like I still ate the same.
  • Food indulgences... DONUTS, Smashburger, Yogurtland, pumpkin cheesecake (SO SO SO SO GOOD), all sorts of random things at the potluck Christmas party.

  • Beer consumption was up this week. I blame the Christmas party and going out with my friend. Didn't have money to actually buy beer this week so there wasn't any consumption during the week.
  • Oh wells.... such is weight fluctuation.
Everything Else
  • Finished reading The Total Money Makeover. Again, nothing I didn't already know, but a good refresher of how "we" have too much stuff and spend money foolishly.
  • Related: This week has been especially tight on money. I had to return one of the pairs of shoes I got on Black Friday to have enough money for parking. Also, for a humbling new low, I had to rob my change jar to buy groceries on Sunday. $15+ in change. Womp. Really appreciated the self-checkout for this one. Also, the gas light in my car has been on since Monday. Hoping I have enough gas to last me until Friday morning. #coldpocalypse is not the time to play chicken with  the "how many miles can I drive on a tank of gas" game I love so much.
  • A had a meltdown over the weekend over Mother Effin J. I am so sick of this stupid guy being an annoyance in my life. She was talking about something random and then said "I know you don't want to hear about J anymore Momma, but I can't erase him from my memory, I've tried." And then she cried. For like 10 minutes. I JUST WANT TO BE DONE WITH THIS. The jerk is out of our lives, I just wish he would BE OUT OF OUR LIVES. The weirdest, dumbest things set of triggers and I AM OVER IT.
  • Oh, so nothing else, as usual. Cute guy was a the gym last night, he ran on a treadmill three down from me (for like 5 minutes). I ogled. The end.
  • Really really really wanting the weather to warm up a bit. For 4-5 days, I don't think we hit single digits. Today, it is finally "warmer" but it is windy, so it actually SEEMS colder.
For REAL. This is ridiculous this "early" in winter. Brrr!


  1. the cheesecake caption made me for real lol.

  2. you are brave with old cheesecake. and seriously, i'm envious of what you can consume and not gain weight!! it all looks sooo good.

  3. I love the pic with you and your friend! He looks ecstatic to be able to catch up with you. :D


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