Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Normal (Week 9)

Tuesday - Planned to run. Made it a little over two miles and just wasn't feeling good so I stopped. Did the arms/core videos. Not ready to jump back into the leg video yet!
Wednesday - Oh hey. NOTHING. Another trip to Yogurtland.
Thursday - Again, tried to do a run (I mean, RnR Denver was so great, I could SURELY replicate that?) - made it about 3.5 miles and quit. Blah. Finally FINALLY did the video trifecta (legs, arms core) - hard, but not quite the WORST.
Friday - Nothing. EXCEPT, I went out with co-workers for drinks and then went to The Asylum haunted house! I have only been to one EVER, and it was like 10 years ago. I was disappointed, it was not scary at all. At least there was no line? And, I'm the most fun ever:

Saturday - Slightly hung over, I got up and went to the gym (instead of racing the first Halloween half marathon the Denver area has had,waaaaaah). I fueled with a pumpkin donut and then knocked out a solid 10 miles while watching another zombie movie:

I finally broke out my last pair of "new" Newtons. Maybe I'll keep them  as treadmill only shoes so they last longer? Also, I love the INKnBURN robot capris so much. Took the kids to see Despicable Me 2 - which was HILARIOUS.

Sunday - I had originally planned on getting up early and possibly running 6-8 miles at Marshall Mesa. Then my alarm went off and I decided to stay in bed. Instead, I spent the day EATING ALL THE THINGS. Oh, I did walk a mile on the treadmill and do the arms/core videos. Took the kids to see Turbo, it was pretty cute. I later took A roller skating:

in line for the limbo
Monday - 5.8 pretty decent miles on the treadmill, again while watching zombie movies.

Gain - 1.8 pounds
  • I shouldn't really be surprised by this. I ate ALL the things again this week. My appetite that seemed to disappear all summer is certainly back with a vengeance.
Red velvet pancakes are THE BEST
Everything Else:

  • Ariel wrote this as one of her writing assignments. I found it cute, accurate and hilarious:
  •  Work, work, work. LAME, LAME, LAME.
  • As I said last week, I give up on the whole online dating thing. The last guy that I had gone out with said he still wanted to talk, blah blah blah. Then he asked me out AGAIN, after I already told him I wasn't wanting to date right now and since I told him no that last time I haven't heard from him since.
  • I hate hate hate how dark it is right now. Makes it hard to get out of bed and go to MY STUPID CRAP JOB that I dislike so much.
  • Gloomy and sad right now. Holidays are approaching and I am REALLY not looking forward to being by myself. Wah. I guess the silver lining is ALL THAT MONEY I WILL SAVE HAVING NO ONE TO BUY FOR.


  1. I love ihop. everytime i get pancakes at cracker barrel I get disappointed bc they never match ihop.
    I think what A wrote was HILARIOUS!

    We have our daylights saving / fall back on Sunday and since we are CST, its the same 'sunlight' as EST but less- gets dark around 4 / 430- HATE IT

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  3. Hi!! New to your blog. I have so many fond memories of my own Momma taking me roller skating so many weekends growing up and she would get her miles in by walking around the perimeter of the rink.

    Also...red velvet pancakes?! Thank you iHop! They are soooo good!

  4. What size and style Newtons? I have a pair with minimal miles on them. If the size is right, I'll send them to you...

  5. Do you have off for the holidays? Maybe you and A can escape for a few days? This way you are not alone at home and think abut what could have been...

  6. 1. A is hilarious- and obviously not on purpose
    2. i need those pancakes
    3. this will be my first single holiday in years (7 i think?). I'm oddly excited about it...perhaps it's the saving $$ part. and i'm thinking about getting a dog. i may have lost my mind.


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