Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Normal (Week 7)

Tuesday - Video trifecta (legs, arms, core)
Wednesday - 3.65 pretty great miles on the treadmill. I also went to conferences, and as expected, A is doing great. Areas to improve, same as always - she is "chatty" (but not in a distracting way).

Thursday - NOTHING - but I did start packing for my race:

I ended up using... about 1/2 of all this
Friday - More NOTHING, but I went out and played a bit. A beer, dinner and some time at Dave & Busters (see below)
Saturday - Boulder 100
Sunday - Oh hey. MORE Boulder 100.

90 or so miles in at Boulder 100. Just because I want to keep typing 1-0-0.
Monday - I called in sick for work. I slept a bunch. I had some beers. I watched 3 horror movies. I ate ALL the things. I painted my nails a ridiculous silvery disco ball color.

Gain - 0.6 pounds
  • Yes, I'm the only person on earth that can run over 100 miles in a week and gain weight. HAHAHAHA!!!
  • I ate EVERYTHING this week. EVERYTHING. Although, beer consumption was way down.
  • I was the hungriest person ALL week.
Other Updates
  • Work is the same as always. I thought I would have some downtime to get my desk cleaned off and filing caught up, but a case that I have zero involvement in is going to trial and everyone in the office is summarizing depositions. You know what's the most boring task ever? Summarizing depositions.
Online Dating
  • Sooooooooooooo.
  • I went on a date on Friday. Yes, the night before my big race. I had a great time. We are planning on seeing each other again. I'm leaving it at that for now.


  1. Yay for another date, I was just thinking about that as I was reading your blog and wondering how the online dating was going. :) That is a lot of miles run in one week!

  2. Love the sign! Good to catch up. Sounds like you're doing great! Hope the dating goes more than great! ;D

  3. Love the date update, good luck!!


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