Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Normal (Week 6)

Tuesday - 5.5ish on the treadmill, video trifecta (legs, arm, core)
Wednesday - 6 on the treadmill
Thursday - Mile with A at Lake Arbor, testing out the new INKnBURN Halloween line!

How is it getting dark so early??? :(
Friday - Nothing, and then more nothing.
Saturday -Managed to get babysitting so I could get in one more longish run. I met up with Hope and Runner's Edge to run the Highline Canal. Did you know it was FREEZING since we had SNOW on Friday??? Look at the frost!! Chilly, CHILLY 8 miles. I had never run down there and it was BEAUTIFUL. Fairly flat, soft dirt/gravel, none of it was paved. LOVED this, wish it was closer to my house!

A giant disappointment was that it seems the INKnBURN pants are too big. Waaaaah. I wore the pirate pants and spent the ENTIRE run pulling them up. There is no drawstring and they would NOT stay put. So freaking bummed.

Hope gave me a cool gift (because of my rage issues apparently):

I used it a decent amount over the weekend while driving. After the run, I met up with L and we went to get donuts at Lamar's. We did NOT have to wait an hour and they were much better than Dunkin'... (sorry, Dunkin', I'm not over it yet).

THEN, I met up with a co-worker to pick up our other co-worker's son to babysit for the remainder of the weekend. I KNOW, what was I thinking? He got to hang out with me while A had her gymnastics meet:

Everyone survived day one.

Sunday - I had hoped to get in a short run but it was NOT HAPPENING with ALL OF THE KIDS. We went to the park and I took the kids to see "Planes," which was pretty cute. LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE, but all the kids survived again.
Monday - 4.75 on the treadmill, progressive. Not the worst ever. Considered doing the videos, but I was really tired, so instead, I went to bed early.

Gain - 1.8 pounds
  • Pizza. Burgers. Fries. Beer. Donuts. And more pizza.
Snickers Long John!!
Other Updates
  • So remember that one time that my boyfriend moved out and I had a substantial decline in income? Well... I was relying on my credit cards to get some stuff paid and before things got too out of control, this happened:
  • Being on a tighter budget and having to watch every single penny is THE WORST. I really hate that 5 years ago I was bringing home almost double the money. It is so hard being a single parent and having to budget for lame things like going to get lunch once a week at Tokyo Joe's. Someday, I hope this will not be an issue :(
Online Dating Updates
  • None.
  • I think I just don't care right now. I guess I'm past that weird annoying needy stage. Honestly, I don't have time for it anyway. I barely can get through my day between work and the gym and A. I don't have time to try to deal with dating someone.
  • Related: Did you know that it is A LOT OF WORK getting to know someone, trying to make a date, meeting up with someone, etc.? Exhausting.


  1. photos from your trail run are gorgeous. A few years ago i had to cut up my credit cards since I didn't trust myself-- now that i'm more educated (from where I was) i'm more strict with myself and decided to get a few more. Once I buy a house I'll probably cut them up again, but unfortunately you do need credit for house buying unless you're rolling in dough and can pay up front... which i cant

  2. Good luck this weekend with your LONG run!!!


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