Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whiny Wednesday

And guess who doesn't get paid until Friday. Guess I'm missing Tink this year. SO BUMMED.


  1. I still find it absolutely crazy that they are selling out these races in record speed, since the introduction of Tink. It gives women who never dreamed of running 13.1 a goal to work towards.

    Bummer that you might not make it next year for it. As much as I'd like to be a legacy runner and go for Coast to Coast next year, I just can't justify the insane registration cost. I can run about 4 other races with that 1 fee.

  2. do you use paypal? i just discovered the wonderfulness of it with things like this. you pay for something then when u get paid, just transfer money from your bank account to paypal account. this is how i purchased my flight to utah this past week!

  3. They may have some spaces available at the Disneyland Half expo. That race was sold out before Princess, but they were still letting Princess runners register.


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