Friday, July 6, 2012

Week in Review

This will be brief. I am super annoyed with myself. There are two main reasons why I wanted a running coach.

1. Someone to remind me that I do NOT need to run every single race. I know that too much racing is having an adverse effect on my racing/running. I KNOW THAT. But I still have race envy. Ultimately, this means that some races are likely going to get cut from my "maybe" list. Including Disney Wine & Dine and Big Sur. (Sad face).

2. Someone to tell me what to do. I normally do NOT like having a strict schedule, but I really did pretty well when I stuck to RLRF and my 100 mile training plan for Moab. Suffering from burn out SUCKS.

What does this have to do with my last week? Well... I know I have just come off two very high mileage weeks - what with 2 marathons and 2 half marathons. I have been fatigued. I only had a few runs on schedule this week, and they were supposed to be "easy" and they were NOT. I know that when I get into the groove of a real schedule things will improve. I'm just impatient. Anyway.

On a side note, my Leadville marathon pictures are ready. And they are AWESOME. For real.

The entire set of pictures is awesome. In every one I am smiling and I look like I'm having a great time. I just need to remember sometimes that not every run is great, but there is always greatness around the corner.

Happy Friday!

ETA - I hope this doesn't sound like I'm not happy to have a coach. I am. Transitions are just hard, especially when I'm having a "bad" week with running. I'm super happy to have a coach that is willing to train me and hopefully "reign in my crazy."


  1. It's hard to stop or take a breather. I came off of a decent Spring training for Boston, forced to run a slower Boston in the heat, then picked right back up to run Vermont City 5 weeks later.

    Immediately after, I felt a little burnt out myself. Since then, I've signed up for my 50 miler so am finding myself remotivated by the newness of ultra training.

    I think if I were jumping right back into another marathon training cycle right now, I might want to poke my eye out. But the ultra feels like it's changing everything...(wink)

  2. Those pictures are great Becka! It's no surprise you are suffering burn out. You literally run all the races. I'll tell ya, race envy is easier to deal with/get over than burn out. Even clearing just a couple of races off your schedule may help you feel better.

  3. Great pics! Bad runs make the good runs great, don't ya know?

    Also, you need to either commit to this coach or not. Making priorities sucks.

  4. The pics from Leadville are amazing! You look so happy to be out there.

  5. It's hard to put your training into somebody's hand and trust them to make you a faster and stronger runner. Especially hard when they tell you to run slower or less. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose!

    LOVE the race pictures, especially the one crossing the finish line :)

  6. The pics remind me of why we all started running (and stuck with it) in the first place! BTW's: I always enjoy your pics!

  7. Those photos ARE pretty damn awesome! You look like you are truly just happy and enjoying yourself!


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