Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Nutrition....

Yep. Not making progress on that:

Little cheesecakes from Cheesecake Therapy
Grilled Cheese from Cheesecake Factory (inevitably followed by Snickers cheesecake)
2. So Tink Half marathon SOLD OUT. So bummed. All my BFF's will be there. And I won't. Sad face. However... the Maui half marathon is that same weekend... I bet it would be totally ridiculous to do that instead...

3. My running coach is the BEST. I had a couple of good runs finally this week! And even though I'm normally SUPER FREAKED OUT by low mileage weeks, the coach gave me a schedule, and I'm going to follow it. (Amazing).


  1. Maui for Tinkerbell sounds like a trade up!

    And those cheesecakes look awesome :-)

  2. Maui sounds WAY better!!!

  3. Need a running buddy for Maui? I volunteer!

  4. Maui sounds great or better than Tinker! BTW, who's your coach again? Online coaching? Could do with some help/tips.

  5. Sue - Coach Duane! He is awesome!

  6. Maui in January was really fun. We only did the half (it's an out and back). I think the full is point to point. I hope you get to run it.

  7. Those do look like sweet potato fries though, so you win...

  8. Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon = much better than Tinkerbell. (Although I've done Maui, not Tink, so I can't fairly compare.) My tips for Maui - do the half, not the full. The full has a lot of unshaded highway and will get really hot in later miles! The half is also in highway, but it's shorter, and I recall a lot of shady sections. It's really cool if you stay right in Lahaina because you can walk to the start/finish (the half is out and back). Of course, some people do prefer the resorts which are more out of town. And finally, three words - Aloha Mixed Plate (restaurant at north end of town, right next to Old Lahaina Luau).

  9. That sandwich is causing me to drool all over my keyboard!


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