Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Week in Review (January 28 - February 3)

Tuesday (18,874 steps) - Core class during lunch. Milk Market run club!
I ran with Paula again, and it wasn't *as* bad as previous weeks. I only had to take one walk break. Finally, a return of the taco bar. Delicious. Quick stop at Target on the way home to get cat treats and money for A's next track meet.
Wednesday (16,469 steps) - Upper body class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder! The drive up was a little sketchy weather-wise, but by the time we met up with everyone at the trail head, it was fine.

During the run it lightly snowed at times, but nothing crazy. I felt better than last week, but still not where I want to be. How is running still so hard?
Thursday (14,578 steps) - Core class during lunch. Surprise snow storm on the way home, so I did my mile quickly before going to another track meet for A. This time, we checked her in and then walked to the brewery to have a beer before watching all the events.
Certainly made things go faster! A ran a new 400m PR!

Friday (11,674 steps) - Lower body class during lunch.
Walk to the lake before going to Sully's house for his 50th birthday party! Lots of fun and food.
Saturday (26,922 steps) - Rev Run Boulder! Carpooled with Kristin and Tyler to Gunbarrel for our long run.

Not much to say about the run, other than we messed up the route, it was incredibly windy and just basically miserable. We went to Under the Sun for Stout month and breakfast and finally booked our BnB for April!
Took A to her friend's house. Around 4 we went to pick up this year's Girl Scout cookies (yes, already).
Ben and I went to Resolute and saw an amazing sunset.

Random cheesy dinner of mac & cheese and queso.
Sunday (18,671 steps) - Matthews Winter with Berkeley Park! I didn't even bother to keep up with the group and spent 6 miles plogging with Pika.

After, we went to Launch for breakfast and then to Over Yonder for a few beers.

Picked up A from her friend's and then went door to door selling Girl Scout cookies for a few hours.
Did not watch the Super Bowl.
Monday (14,331 steps) - Lower body class during lunch. Snowed all day. Made dinner, watched a few hours of Law & Order with A, then took Pika for a run/walk to the lake. Brrr!

  • 121,519 steps
  • 23.7 miles run
  • FIVE gym classes

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