Friday, August 9, 2019

Week in Review (July 30 - August 5)

Tuesday (12,502 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Skipped Milk Market to go to Heather's house for Taco Tuesday.
Matt and the family were visiting from Florida - we had a great time socializing and roasting marshmallows. Also was nice to get out of the Denver heat for a bit.

Also, a cool surprise was a "Squirrel Girl" bobble head from my friend Dan. I've had that nickname since high school, and apparently it is now a Marvel character/collectible.
Wednesday (19,415 steps)  - Core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder! We were running late and had to meet people at the trail head (which is what we planned anyway). Difficult run up NCAR, but surprised myself by running a bit faster than usual.

Thursday (12,282 steps) - LONGEST.DAY.EVER. Got to work early, worked through lunch, worked late. I had called the hotel to make sure they had me down for a late checkout, only to find out that if I arrived after 2 am they would not be able to check me in? Even though they have a 24 hour front desk? Ugh. Then sometime after everyone left for the day I looked and my already very late flight was delayed a half  hour and ETA into St. Louis was 1:55 pm. Magically, I was able to switch to the earlier flight, but that meant I had to leave RIGHT THEN to get to the airport on time. I got there in plenty of time and went to Root Down for a beer before boarding.
Flight was still delayed, but I did get there an hour or so earlier than I had planned. By now, after midnight.
Friday (48,403 steps) - The line for the rental car was pretty insane, but I was able to get my Nissan with very few problems. It was only a 15-20 minute drive to the hotel, which I found with no problems. It was also one of the top three sketchiest places I have ever stayed. First off, it was like there was a block party in the lobby. Guys eating and watching TV at volume a million and there was no one behind the desk. Guy finally shows up. He seems nice enough, but already sensing issues. Like I have to make an additional $20 deposit because their key-maker isn't working? Whut. Finally it's about 1:30 and I'm walking to my room. "Thankfully," the hallways were darkish as it was FILTHY. My room was no better. Quick rundown - floor probably hadn't been vacuumed in months. The window and TV were covered in something that was leaving stains. The bathroom floor was sticky (change was glued to the floor). Used soap in the shower and on the counter. TRASH HAD NOT BEEN EMPTIED. Pretty sure I was going to get bedbugs or murdered. So gross. (Really wish I'd taken pictures, but I kinda want to forget this experience ever happened).

Interestingly, I actually got some sleep (trying not to think about the incredibly stained pillows and hoping at least the sheets were clean). I was awoken by incessant knocking on the door around 8 am. Thinking it was housekeeping, I told them to go away. Knocking continues. Irritated because there was no door hanger to put out saying "do not disturb" I finally got up. (Mind you, I had planned on sleeping until 10). It was a man who was raving about "things hanging from  my window. Whut. I have no idea what is happening. I tell him WTF I checked in after one in the morning, you need to leave. (I did check and saw nothing outside my window). Tried to go back to sleep, failed. Finally took a shower and got the eff out of there. Interestingly, when I checked out - the same guy was there that had been knocking. No name tag and had not identified himself as staff. I mentioned it was one of the most disgusting places I had ever stayed and I was NOT happy about my early wake up call. He seemed uninterested in my complaints. (FYI, avoid Super 8 in Bridgeton/St. Louis at ALL costs).
With now HOURS to kill, I decided to head into the city and wander around downtown. I hadn't been to St. Louis since I was there to run the Rock n' Roll in 2011, and I remember traffic/construction irritating me back then. Really hadn't improved. Struggled to find street parking, then walked around, got some pictures of the arch and had lunch.

Finally I decided I would just head to the race start, thinking maybe I would be able to take a nap in the car. Spoiler, it's a million degrees, so no, a nap didn't happen.
The Shippey 100K.
Saturday (82,125 steps) - Continuation of The Shippey 100K.
Prior to travel, I had looked to see where the breweries were closest to the airport. The one I really wanted to go to didn't open until two, so I went to the other one. I decided to close my eyes for a minute, and next thing I knew, Ben was calling. I had passed out for about 45 minutes, which I meant I just headed right to the one I initially wanted to go to. Had two beers and some popcorn at Six Mile before going to the airport.
I had managed to switch my flight to an earlier one. It was also delayed, but I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep on the plane. Woke up with about an hour left of the flight. Landed only a bit late. Took FOREVER to get back to the lot to get Lucy. Ugh. Home by 9ish. Ben had come down and bought pizza and beer, but he had fallen asleep waiting for me (he had to work the 3 am shift, so it was understandable). I went to bed shortly after eating. LONG DAY.
Sunday (10.849 steps) - Slept until almost 10. After having coffee, we decided to take Pika for a walk to the lake (and for once, we got Ariel to go with us).

Snacked on pizza, and then Ben and I went to 4 Noses.
Picked up Torchy's on the way home. I think that was it? Pretty low-key day.
Monday (14,972 steps) - Blah work. Met Ben (and Tyler) at North Table. They were doing the big loop, and I was planning on staying on the canal trail and walking with Pika.
Had street tacos from the food truck and beer.

  • 200,548 steps
  • 65.2 miles run
  • Two gym classes and lots of walks

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