Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Week in Review (August 6 - August 12)

Tuesday (22,612 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Milk Market after! Walked a mile before meeting up with everyone, then another two.

Stuck around for food and a beer before going to the grocery store on the way home.
Wednesday (19,487 steps) - Core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder!
Still pretty sore from my race, so opted to drive to the trail head again for fewer miles. A actually ran with me on the lower Bear trail. Shocked myself by actually getting some segment PR's.

I don't know what I'm doing differently, but it seems to be working, and maybe I'm getting a little faster/stronger again?
Thursday (13,077 steps) - Initially we were supposed to be volunteering in Boulder again with the BMA, but at the last minute it was cancelled due to storms. A decided that we should go see Phil, so headed over to BPCO. Still didn't feel like running, so we walked a mile-ish before meeting up with people at FlyteCO (yet another local brewery I didn't know existed).

Always a fun time hanging out here! Lots of dogs tonight, which we also like.
Friday (10,729 steps) - Left work early to drive up to Dillon. Unfortunately, I hit a lot of traffic from Floyd Hill to Idaho Springs. Blah. Went right to Ben's, then we went to Outer Range & picked up Cheba Hut for dinner.
Saturday (14,279 steps) - Ben had to work, so I slept in a bit. I had planned out a fun hike/run from Spruce Creek to Mayflower Lake to take Pika on. Unfortunately, as we were driving there it started to rain. We sat in the car for a bit waiting for it to pass and then headed out. It was not very crowded, which was nice. We got near the top and it started pouring. I only had my Houdini on me, not a real rain coat, so I got a little chilly. Luckily, Pika seemed ok with heading down "early."

Muddy, wet and sleepy Pika!
Took a shower and then went back into town to get some pho for lunch.
Once Ben got home we went to Outer Range (yes again), then picked up pizza for dinner.
Sunday (8,046 steps) - Big plans of another hike/run. Once again, we got like a half mile out and it started pouring (and I still didn't have a real rain coat on me). When we saw the lightning, we immediately turned around.
So basically, this ended up being ANOTHER brewery day.
We did make a few retail stops, and I did pick up a rain coat for A. Chinese food for dinner & a movie.
Monday (17,006 steps) - New Terrain run club after work! For the first time in ages, I actually went up on the mesa. We opted to run with Tyler as one of his last runs before he tackles his first 100 miler in Leadville this weekend. I had pretty angry calves, which seems to be the norm more often than not.

Look, it's me and A struggling on a climb...
Only stuck around long enough for one beer before heading home for dinner and laundry.

  • 105,236 steps
  • 15 miles run (although included lots of hiking...)
  • Two gym classes

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