Monday, February 11, 2019

Week in Review (January 29 - February 4)

Tuesday (13,541 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Went to the Sunnyside run club again. We did a different route this time, and thankfully Sabrina stuck with us so we didn't get lost. It was pretty icy, glad I didn't fall. Had a ton of fun playing trivia after - Greg is the smartest person ever and our team was the overall winner!
Yes, this is a donut on top of my beer
Wednesday (17,514 steps) - Core class during lunch. Boulder run club! Wanted to run some trails, but not long, so A and I drove to the trail head and met the group.
Pretty sunset!
Trails were in pretty decent condition, although I struggled quite a bit (surprised to see I still got some segment PR's...) 4ish miles and last run before Rocky!
Thursday (10,478 steps) - Nada. We met Ben at 4 Noses for pizza (which was super good) and a few beers. In bed early(ish).
Friday (7,210 steps) - See Rocky recap
Saturday (116,466 steps) - See Rocky recap
Sunday (79,063 steps) - See Rocky recap

Monday (6,824 steps) - I actually slept until 8:30. Good call to tell work I'd be in late. Ended up being a pretty busy day. Picked up A's Girl Scout cookies and pho for dinner.

  • 251,096 steps
  • 109.8 miles run
  • 2 gym visits

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