Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Week in Review (February 12 - February 18)

Tuesday (6,401 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Went to bed at 8:30 because I was grumpy.
Wednesday (20,231 steps) - Runners Roost Boulder!
We really should not have been on the trails - it was sooo muddy. And also very windy. Probably in my top ten worst/least fun runs ever.

Under the Sun after for my first stout month visit this year.
Thursday (7,123 steps) - Core class during lunch. Was supposed to go to 2Cellos concert, but it was cancelled because they weren't able to get here because of weather. Bummer. Ended up just going to Torchy's for dinner.

Then A fixed some of the color in my hair. She thought it would be hilarious to do "Birdbox" hair dye, and surprise me with what colors she used. Fun night after all.
Friday (10,312 steps) - Left work early so we could attend Nate & Sydney's wedding in Boulder. Really fun night, even though we did have to sit at the misfit table. A even caught the bouquet!

Saturday (23,778 steps) - Runners Edge! Thankfully we were in Arvada and had the start/finish. I don't love this route, but it's downhill on the way back.

Besides, there was a puppy waiting for us!
Went to breakfast at IHOP with Kristin, Pete & Janet. Family "second/third" Saturday dinner (Thanksgiving theme!) at Dulce's.

Apparently the only "people" picture...
Sunday (4,063 steps) - Nothing? 
Monday (7,289 steps) - Core class during lunch.... nothing else?


  • 79,197 steps
  • 14.7 miles run
  • 3 gym visits

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