Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Week in Review (December 11 - December 17)

Tuesday (16,834 steps) - Woke up at the ungodly hour of 4 am. I don't know what's wrong with me that this happens. By 5 I hadn't fallen back asleep, so I went for a run. It was REALLY warm for December, and I regretted wearing Smartwool and a jacket. Balmy!!
Strength class with my trainer at lunch. He has been trying to find harder exercises for me since he thinks I'm not getting any benefit from "regular" stuff. Good class.
Left work a bit early to drive to Idaho Springs to meet Ben for dinner/drinks at Tommyknockers. Although I should be eating "better," I couldn't resist the "build your own" Mac n' Cheese, so I got mine with green chili pork. So delicious!!

Wednesday (19,710 steps) - Annual holiday lights run with Runners Edge! A walked with Janet and Pete and I ran with Mo and Colfax. Weather was perfect (again) - and we stuck around for a beer and nachos.

Thursday (14,413 steps) - Core class during lunch. Belmar run club - was bummed when I realized it was the Newton Ugly Sweater run and I totally didn't prepare for it. Ran my 5K with Mo and Colfax.

Friday (14,929 steps) - Jared sent me a text during lunch asking if I had brought clothes to run in - when I said yes, he said I should meet him and Sean for a run... so I did. Those boys are fast! It was fun to run with them, and it was a welcome surprise to have a beer after.
Still trying to figure out 1. my face and 2. why Jared is mooning Sean

Picked up A and went to BP to watch the Kilian Jornet Everest flick - it was pretty good! Quick aid station prep before bed.
Saturday (25,981 steps) - Runners Edge! David wasn't in town so our pace leaders got us out on time. I wasn't sure how far I wanted to run, but ended up doing 10 (and the fastest I have ever run on the Highline!)

Had to wait around a bit because A had my keys and had gone to breakfast with Pete and Janet. Once home, boiled and mashed potatoes, showered. Headed over to Kristin's house because her and Doug had offered me a VIP ticket to... BEER FESTIVUS!! We took a Lyft downtown (and unfortunately realized that there was also a Broncos game, so prices were high and traffic was awful). Looking back, I made some rookie mistakes and did not pace myself well.... it was SO MUCH FUN.

Amy, me & Holly
Lexa, Kristin and me
Got home around 5:45, grabbed A and headed down to Belmar for Second (actually this month was Third) Saturday. Dinner was amazing, and we stuck around playing Mexican Bingo, until I realized it was already 10 and we needed to get to bed.

Sunday (21,634 steps) - Was regretting that we had agreed to meet people for a run, but at least we had decided on 9, and not 8. Got to Kristin's house, met up with the gang and ran a fairly enjoyable 8 miles around the lake. Doug had prepared a pretty amazing breakfast for us all!

The rest of the day was some chores and a LOT of TV, with Torchy's thrown in because I never went to the store for groceries this week.
Monday (14,313 steps) - Wasn't sure what the plan for the evening was. I was either going to be going to Coohills for the Roost ugly sweater run (but having to leave early because A had Scouts), or Ben was going to be coming down. I decided to get my run in during lunch before taking core. It was actually a great run, even though it was interrupted by CDOT calling me about my tire claim... from September.
Ben wasn't going to be able to come down, so I did briefly stop by Coohills on my way home. Much smaller showing than in previous years!
I somehow got talked into watching Love Actually, and all my suspicious were correct - terrible movie!!


  • 127, 814 steps
  • 38.3 miles run
  • 3 trips to the gym (2 core, 1 strength)

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