Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week in Review (August 19 - August 25)

Tuesday - slow and easy 6ish miles on the treadmill, which I didn't hate (according to dailymile).
Wednesday - A few minutes on the elliptical while waiting for the treadmill during lunch, where I did a few miles. BodyPump at night.
Thursday - 5 horrid treadmill miles.
Friday - Pizza! Beer!
Saturday - Runapalooza half marathon. L, A and I went to coffee with our runner friend Ross - always fun to talk about running with other crazy people, although A said "ALL YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT IS RUNNING." Um. Yes. Took the kids to see "How to Train your Dragon 2" - and it was cute.

Sunday - Up early for A's second trail race! Did a quick arms video while A was getting ready. On our way out the door, we had neighbors warn us that we had a giant raccoon in our tree...

Called animal control (nothing they could do) and headed to Bear Creek Park. A decided to run without me, with the big kids. And then after she was done, she let me "re-run" the course with her. She ended up doing something like 5 miles. Crazy. If you are in the Denver area - I encourage you to check out "Mountain Goat Kids" - they are awesome! For $15 you get a trail run for kids ONLY, complete with an aid station, food at the end, shirt AND medal.

Pre-race - because she is weird.

She wore her medal ALL DAY LONG so she could show everyone how "awesome" she is (her words).
Monday - CHAOS. Not the most interesting class.

Weekly Miles Run - 26.83
Minutes of Cross Training - 67
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - 69

Weekly Loss - 1.4 pounds (120.6)
  • So I must have forgotten to mention that I got a FitBit. This has not really changed my eating habits, but I am in friendly competition with some folks and if nothing else, it motivates me to walk a bit more.
  • Food was pretty Great this week. Pizza is always delicious, and my mom made her famous chocolate chip zucchini cookies - and I had lots of those.
  • Beer not out of control and I tried THREE new ones this week. Mmmmm. Beer.
Everything Else
  • I am on the fence about the Bear Chase. I am currently registered for the 50k. Now that I have registered for that 100M, should I move up to the 50M? In the past, I would have said no because of the 12 hour time limit (which I BARELY met when I ran it before). Now the time limit is 15 hours, with the only cutoff being at 37.5 miles (11.5 hours). I think I should bump up...
  • Did I mention that I am running two races this weekend? A mountain half on Saturday and a road marathon on Monday.
  • Did I also mention that I have a bachelorette party on Friday night, a rehearsal dinner on Saturday night and a wedding on Sunday night?
  • Related: this weekend might kill me.


  1. You may not survive this weekend. holy crap. O.o.

  2. Sheesh. This weekend might actually kill you.

  3. Nice teeth, A! Mom won't be going broke paying for orthodontia! LOL

    I love the kids only "real" trail race. Super cool, Colorado.

  4. That is great for her. Congrats to the little one.


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