Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week in Review (August 12 - August 18)

Tuesday - Back on the treadmill. Maybe because I thought it would be the WORST RUN EVER, it turned out to be just that. My "easy" pace felt impossible, and I walked more than I have ever walked (sans injury) on a treadmill run. I think I gutted out 5ish miles, but I didn't log it and I have no idea on pace. I hated every second of this run. So when I got home I decided I should try a video, so I did one of the arms videos I used to do with some regularity. OMG IT WAS THE HARDEST EVER. I am SO WEAK. What.
Wednesday - Played hooky from work! Ariel and I went hiking in Boulder. The hike was a bit more technical than I expected, but she did a great job.

We hiked to the summit in between the two jaggedy rocks on the right!

We met up with my sister at the Southern Sun in Boulder and I splurged on grilled cheese and beer. Yum. Then, we went to run club. Such a fun day!

A is smoking us in her new Pure Flow 2's
Thursday - Oh wait. Just when I thought running couldn't get any worse, it did. This was also The Worst Run Ever. I barely made it over 4 miles. Same issue, "easy" pace felt impossible. Lots of walking (again) and had to settle for super slow jog at incline. Treadmill, I hate you.
Friday - Up early. Went to A's school to find out who her teacher was going to be and then a long drive to Glenwood Springs. After lunch (which was actually breakfast), we went to the hot springs with the kids.
A refused to strike a pose
Early to bed.
Saturday - Glenwood Springs half  marathon and the longest drive ever home.
Sunday - Nothing in the morning and then roller skating in the afternoon.
Monday - CHAOS. Dead. Half the class was outside and we had to do tire flips and sledgehammer swings. I'm STILL THE WEAKEST PERSON EVER.

Weekly Miles Run - 23.50 (13.1 trail race, 8.95 treadmill, 1.45 road)
Minutes of Cross Training - 60 + hiking and a lot of walking this week
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - 20

Weekly Gain - 1.4 (122.0)
  • Considering all the crap I ate, I'm actually surprised this isn't worse. I had soooo many things this week that I would not normally have. And it was all worth it and delicious. 

Everything Else
  • I have a third grader!!!!!!
  • So our AC was leaking and it flooded the spare bedroom closet. It is moldy and musty and we have a super disgusting fungus of some kind along the walls that needs to be cleaned up. So that was fun.
  • Ariel is registered for her FIRST 10K!!! Her and I are going to run the Kooky Spooky 10k in Golden on October 26. She earned a free entry from volunteering. It will be my last "race" before NYC marathon. I'm pretty psyched about it, but I'm a bit concerned that she doesn't really realize how much further this is.
  • I spent a bulk of the weekend tracking friends running Leadville and Pikes Peak. I know I said I would never even CONSIDER Leadville. But... I'm considering. I mean, it would be a fight to the finish at my pace, but WOW. I gotta say, I'm tempted.
  • Nothing else.

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  1. Third grade was my favorite! I hope A has an amazing year.


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