Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week in Review (July 8 - July 14)

Continuing on with #21KidFreeDays

Tuesday - Planned on my last longish run before my race. I didn't want to run TOO far, but I also was hoping to run closer to six miles. So... I headed back out to Golden to run North Table/Mesa Top. I went the other direction this time, and it ended up being the perfect distance. My run was a bit slower than usual as A FaceTimed me and since I hadn't talked to her in a few days, I was THAT person screaming into my cell phone on the trail...

Wednesday - Run club! New Balance was the host and I tried some of their shoes... A week later and I can't seem to remember what they were, but I wasn't super thrilled with them. I also tried the Brooks PureFlow 3's on the treadmill for a few minutes... I really think I like them! Vfuel and the Hot Chocolate race were ALSO there, so it was a full house. I entered the Vfuel raffle and won! Two weeks in a row I've won something, hurray!!!!

Thursday - Went to the gym after dinner and walked on the treadmill (I really need 12 visits a month for my insurance reimbursement). I didn't want to do anything super active.
Friday - Took the day off from work. Watched lots of Law and Order and had Pho for lunch, a piece of pizza for a small dinner/snack before Chase the Moon.

Saturday - Oh hey, more moon chasing. I got home, took a quick shower, ate a piece of pizza and crashed from about 9:30 to noon. Unsure of what I did the rest of the day, but I'm betting it was mostly sitting on the couch.
Sunday - Up early to volunteer with my nephews at the Boulder Peak triathlon. This time, I was working at the finish line. It was crazy chaotic as I was the ONLY volunteer handing out water, and it was in the mid 80's for most of the finishers by the time they got done. Lunch with my sister and her family, and then a pedicure. Early to bed again.

My nephews, watching for their mom to come out of transition
Monday - Somehow, I still managed to get to CHAOS. Lucky for ME, it was not a heavy leg day, as my legs are still not recovered from my little race.

Weekly Miles Run - 52.76 (Yeah, pretty much my highest week in a billion years)
Minutes of Cross Training - 60, plus about 5 miles of treadmill walking.
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - Bit fat zero...

Weekly Gain - 0.6 pounds (121.8)
  • I love that I gain weight on high mileage weeks. Nothing too crazy consumed this week, other than a lot of pizza. I don't think any amount of weight loss is worth giving that up. I just love it so much!!
  • Beer was about the same as usual.
  • Maybe more cookies than usual?
  • Ultra running is the only time I drink a lot of full calorie soda, and I had LOTS of it during my race.
  • Oh wells.
Everything Else
  • For the second (third?) time, I have deleted and quit the online dating. This time, the straw that broke the camel's back was the guy that I had exchanged 2(?) messages with over the course of a week. Essentially - "Hey, it says you like to run, do you race a lot? I run too." Me "Oh? Yes, I've raced a lot, I run a lot as well." Then he asked if I wanted to go hiking and I said I would not feel comfortable with that being a first meet. Then I got THE LONGEST MESSAGE EVER about how "you're on a dating site, wtf are you doing here if you aren't willing to meet people?" I did actually respond with a Seinfeld-ish response "I'll meet with you if you can tell me what my name is..." UGH. I HATE PEOPLE.
  • Related: Clearly, dating is not for meeeeee!
  • Really, nothing else has been going on. I have been staying busy, trying not to hang around the house too much. The last few weeks have gone by really fast and A will already be back on Saturday. YAY!!!


  1. My company has the same gym requirement. There have been days (when i'm "behind" on my visits) that I just drive up to the gym, jump out of my car, scan my fingerprint at the check in desk and then leave again. Who would ever know how much time I actually spent in the gym? Lol

  2. Funny about the gym requirement, especially when you are so active already.
    Online dating sounds like a PIA!

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  4. What a creepy guy!! We have a group for singles here that meets for events, but as a group. It's nice to meet other singles, but it is not a date. Maybe you have something like that close by as well.


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