Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week in Review (July 22 - July 28)

Tuesday - Now that A is back and I'm back on the treadmill, speed work had to commence (womp womp womp). Goal was 4 x 800 @ 8:52. (LOLOLOLOL). I did a mile warm up, then 3 x 800 (8:54, 8:46, 8:46). I didn't have it in me to do another 800, my legs were DEAD. Instead I did 4 x 400 (8:48, 8:28, 8:04, 7:28). You know what's baffling? Running fast. Ouchie.
Wednesday - BodyPump. I've determined my shoulders are the weakest part of my body.
Thursday - I decided to use a bit of PTO and run the trails before work instead of an afternoon tempo run (honestly, still boycotting that). I ran the counterclockwise loop of Table Mesa / Mesa Top trail in Golden. It has become one of my favorite close trail runs in the last month. The bad part about running in the morning is the crazy number of tumbleweeds that block the single track. I ran the loop quite a bit faster than last time. Yahoo!
Friday - Pizza.
Saturday - Up at 4:30 in the morning to volunteer at All-Out-Multisport's "Dog Days" 5k, 10k and half marathon. We first checked in runners and handed out packets. Then, we moved to the finish area where we handed out cold, wet towels. Even though it wasn't nearly as hot as forecasted, I think we were the most popular volunteers. We stuck around to the end and helped load all the stuff into trucks. I gotta say, All-Out is a well-oiled machine. Nothing was torn down until the last runners crossed the line, and it was only about 30 minutes later that everything was loaded up. Efficiency at its finest!
Sure is dark at 5 am
So I posted this on Instagram shortly after this was taken. Turns out, the volunteer I was working with follows me on Instagram. Small world.
A and I went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, and then we went to Angels With Paws Cat Shelter and adopted a kitty!! The shelter named him Blackie (even though he isn't) and A didn't want to change his name. As of adoption, he is 11 weeks old, Russian Blue Mix. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH.
Sunday - Up not as early to run the Prairie Dog half marathon in Castle Rock.

After showering, I took H and A with me to the park to meet up with work friends for a BBQ/picnic. The weather was fantastic, not nearly as hot as the last few times we have met up. In bed SO EARLY, exhausted.
Attempting badminton
Monday - CHAOS. A very arm heavy workout again. And a weird conversation in the locker room with a woman who asked me if this was my "first time working out." Like ever? Was it my outfit? So weird.

Weekly Miles Run - 25.1 (13.1 race, 7 trail, 5 treadmill)
Minutes of Cross Training - 60
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - 60

Weekly Loss - 0.8 (120.6)
  • Still lots of pizza. It's so delicious, I can't help myself!
  • A bit more beer than in the past few weeks.
  • Noosa has new flavors!!!! If you like coconut, THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER EVER EVER.

Everything Else
  • I actually got a cash bonus at work. That was exciting.
  • Uh. That's it.


  1. Friday: PIZZA.


  2. I love your new kitten...he is adorable!

  3. Awww what a cute cat! Congrats to the new family member!!


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