Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week in Review (July 1 - July 7)

Continuing on with #21KidFreeDays

Tuesday - Headed out to a "new to me trail" (North Table Loop / Mesa Top Trail) - even closer to home than I have been running. I planned on running about 2 hours. I was glad for it to be a "cooler" day as the trail I ran was very exposed - once I actually FOUND the correct trail. The first two miles were on a trail to the bike park. Then, I realized that a bridge I had run by in the first .25 mile was actually crossing the street TO the trail head. Duh. There were no maps available so I figured I would do a few miles out and then come back. There were a decent number of bikes and a few hikers. I hit what I figured was a decent summit and then headed back, enjoying the non-technical terrain. And of COURSE, that's when I tripped over a rock and slid, face first, down the hill. LOLZ. NOT on a technical trail, a pretty much flat one. 7.5 miles.

Looked way more disgusting a day or two after with it all scabby and pink and infected looking

Wednesday - Headed to run club! I was SORE after my fall on the mountain and figured I would do my minimal 2ish miles to earn a beer. I barely made it two miles, but got it done. Brooks was the sponsor of the night, and they brought "cornhole" for us to win prizes. I was the second person to throw and believe it or not, I got a CORNHOLE IN ONE!! As the first winner, I got to pick ANY pair of Brooks shoes, and I picked the PureGrit 3. I loved the original Flow's and figured I could use a new trail shoe (especially after my LAST trial run). So excited!
Obviously not a picture of MY throw, lol

Thursday - LONGEST.DAY.EVER. at work. I think we were the only people working, and, we didn't even get to leave work early. Skipped the workout and went to happy hour. I did go to the gym to walk a mile on the treadmill. I need to go at least 3 times a week to earn my $20 "health rebate."
Friday - Got up early for another "easy" trail run, testing my new PureGrit 3's, which I loved. Went to the same place (North Table Loop) where I fell earlier in the week, only this time, no falling. I also took a bit of a different direction (lots of trails on this mountain) and looped around with pretty much exactly what I wanted to do - another 7.5 miles.
Billions of hours in the car driving to Steamboat. In bed before the fireworks. I'm such an old lady.
Saturday - Mountain Madness half marathon.

Then, billions of hours driving BACK from Steamboat. I don't remember what I did that night. Must have done nothing. I think that was the night I went to bed at 8:30.
Monday - Chaos. Hard, like always.

Weekly Miles Run - 30.12 (15.01 trails, 2.0 road, 13.11 "racing")
Minutes of Cross Training - 60
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - um. none.

Weekly Gain - 0.2 pounds (121.2)

  • Actually a little surprised it wasn't more. Again, I've come to the conclusion that I either care, or I don't. And right NOW, I seem to care during the week and not-so-much on the weekends.
  • A former paralegal-turned-baker brought in a pizza box worth of samples from her bakery. Lemon bars and shortbread cookies covered in peanut butter and chocolate were my favorites.
  • LOTS of pizza this weekend.
  • Average amount of beer.
  • Eh.
Everything Else
  • I just have to say that THIS year, with A gone, I'm in a MUCH better place than I was last year. I'm still spending most of my time alone - a LOT of time on the trails, but I'm not super sad.
  • Related: Eff this online dating nonsense. These "men" be CRAZY. I haven't even found one person in the last two months WORTH setting up a date with. I guess being picky will be my downfall (or saving grace?)
  • Work has been crazy busy, STILL. Lots less time to play around on the Internet Machine. Good and bad, I guess. 
  • I had registered for a SUPER CHEAP marathon in the mountains in September and I got the email this week that it has been cancelled - the race director wants to put more time into the ultras he organizes. Wah.
  • Related: Um, so, yeah. I'm running a 12 hour endurance run this weekend. That starts at night. I haven't run anything further than a half marathon since March, when I ran that extra long 50k... Should be... fun. And hopefully not 1). A BILLION degrees (yesterday, it was 88 at 7:00) or 2). Monsooning (last night at 9:00 it was crazy windy, thundering and lightning and dumped a TON of rain). Current forecast is... high of 91 degrees, 30 percent chance of rain. Wheeee!
  • NOTHING from the car I hit over a month ago. NOTHING. So weird.
  • I swear there was something else, I just can't remember what...


  1. HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU GO RUN FOR 12 HOURS. I had to put it in caps because it sounds insane to me :) all the food looks amazing. congrats on the free shoes!!

  2. OMG congrats on winning the shoes, that's awesome! I'd be so excited I'd pretty much never sleep again. I love free stuff.

  3. it is true what they say "time heals all wounds" . As far as online dating goes.... one of the perks of their being some weirdos is that you learn about what you don't want, red flags from others, and sticking to your standards. Easier said than done, I know. You would not believe the last guy i dated... i REALLY want to blog about it, but unfortunately my parents read my blog so i'd have to clean it up.


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