Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Things Thursday (FLASH GIVEAWAY!)

1. FLASH giveaway time again!!

Anyone that donates between NOW and NOON (mst) TOMORROW is automatically entered to win. There is NO minimum donation requirement, and you get ONE entry into the FLASH giveaway for every dollar donated.

Prizes are - 3 people will win a Newton visor, 1 person will win an ultimate direction running/race belt.

*IF* $100 is raised between now and NOON tomorrow, I will ADD a pair of INKnBURN arm sleeves to the prize list.

Keep in mind if you donate $10, you will also be entered in my raffle which will continue for another month - GREAT prizes.

Information on raffle is HERE.
You can donate HERE.

2. I ran this morning before work. It was pretty chilly and DARK (who knew, at 5:00 am, that it would be DARK). The first half was completely miserable. Tired and tight legs and stomach issues. Bathroom at the halfway point and then I was a new person. 

3. I would LOVE to find a running partner/friend for early morning Saturday or Sundays. Or maybe even during the week. North Denver metro? If you are someone, or know someone, send them my way. Someone slow like me - 11:00ish pace for an overall average...


  1. Goodness, you are fast!!!

    I donated but I may be too late for the flash giveaway :(

  2. Your stats show clearly something happened after3 miles, you were much faster. Great job for getting up early!


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