Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I have my "redemption" race this weekend. The only state I do not have bling from is New Mexico! I leave tomorrow afternoon to run the Albuquerque half marathon with BOTH of my sisters AND Kim. Should be fun. Well, as fun as New Mexico can be.

Challenge - pack everything I need for the weekend in the above bag.
2. I've been really crappy about updating on my raffle (that is ALMOST over). We are now at the $300+ tier, and I think we are very close to being at the $400+ tier (which means LOTS of prizes for those of you that can donate). Also, I'm only $19 away from hitting $500 total raised, so kick in a buck or two if you can!

Edit: I have been pushed over $500! I have updated all the information on the raffle - thank so you so much to everyone that has donated. Two weeks left!!

3. It has been snowing here ALL WEEK. Which means, even though I quit the treadmill... I've had to run on it. Even less productive than walking pace running? Walking pace cautious "running" on ice.



  1. I was just telling A how you and L travel with just a back pack, but that bag? Girl, you kill me.

    So looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I'll be the one with the roller bag and the carry on.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow! Good luck this weekend.

  3. Good luck in New Mexico!
    It's been hot and humid around my parts of the world - even running in the mornings doesn't help.

  4. Yea...where is spring?!? You should take a pic of all the stuff you manage to get into that bag! :-)

  5. dude. that little bag. WTF. hope yall had fun this weekend!


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