Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Haircut: Before and After

Nothing too dramatic, but I'm always relieved when my hair looks ok when I leave. Especially since I now just go to Cost Cutters instead of a salon.

Wish I had the money for highlights. I found some old pictures where my hair looked REALLY good.


  1. Cute summer cut! I'm all about budget hair cuts.

  2. I'm budget cut girl, too. I had a $4.99 coupon and I got upset when the girl next to me had a $3.99 one!

  3. so do you have naturally curly hair?? I would LOVE to cut my hair short, but it would be a huge poof ball with this humidity!

    its okay you don't have any concerts lined up- i think the nkotb cruise was worth a few concerts!

  4. Are you sure that's you? ;)

    I'm getting my hair done tonight after work! I always come home looking the same. Maybe not today though. Who knows.

  5. probably not my wisest idea... but i was always into the $3.99 haircut "sale" at great clips. some days i did not walk out of there looking good haha.

    but you do! :)


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