Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes Sanity Prevails

I was in Texas for 3 days dropping A off to see her Dad for part of the summer. So I had this insane idea to go running. I was going to be missing a few days at the gym, and with another race coming up, I wanted to get a run in.

If you haven't been to Texas lately, it is HOT. Crazy hot. Like too hot to be outside. (Yesterday the high was 105. 105!!!) So I had this plan that I would get up early, run 4 or 5 miles and then hang out at the pool. Unfortunately, I overslept. But I knew I would regret not going. So I put on my running clothes:

And headed out. The route I was told to take so I wouldn't get lost turned out to be pretty hilly. Even though I left just after 9:00, it was already HOT. And HUMID. I was sweating like crazy and hadn't brought any water. After about 1.25 miles I decided this was just stupid and headed back. I didn't want to die of heat stroke on the side of the road.

Crystal Falls Estates
I got back and checked the weather:

Bleh. It sure felt hotter than that. I don't know HOW the Texans can do this! Even MORE crazy was that I actually saw OTHER people out there.


  1. That IS nuts. I just read an interesting article about an index you calculate based on temp & humidity that tells you when you should/shouldn't run. I"ll have to post on it.
    Meanwhile, I was just in Phoenix where it was 105 and I swear it's more miserable in Seattle at 85 than that 105 was because there is NO humidity in Phoenix. (I didn't dare run in that heat though!)

  2. I'm glad you are still alive and well! Heat is no joke!

  3. See how much my summers suck? We hit those mid-80's temps in March in New Orleans; I have done long runs (20 miles)in 96 degree weather out of necessity. The worst part is that it just doesn't cool down much at night, so no matter how early you get up or how late you stay awake, your run is hot and humid. And you can expect hot, humid runs from March until mid-October or later.

  4. I've only been in Texas airports ... and even in there I was HOT!!

  5. Humidity sucks. It gets hot here in SoCal, but it's a dry heat. It's still too hot, but humidity is a killer.

  6. Glad you listen to the way you were feeling. Humidity and heat are different from place to place. I think it takes a while to get adjusted to each area.


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