Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vacation Training Runs - Birthday of Awesome Week

In the past I have always packed my running gear with every intention of running while on vacation, but have only actually done so a few times. Well. Times are different now. I have a pretty intense set of races coming up over the next six months so I couldn't very well justify taking off almost a week!

Hilton Head Island, SC - Wednesday, May 12

We had gotten up ridiculously early on Wednesday morning. Our flight to Jacksonville left Denver at 6:20 in the morning, so we were up at 4:15 to get there on time. We had a connecting flight in Atlanta, with a layover of about 2.5 hours before arriving in Jacksonville around 3:30 in the afternoon. Got the rental car and started the drive up to South Carolina. Pretty much the only purpose being... crossing the border. South Carolina is one of the few states I have never been to, so what better thing to do once I'm there, but... run!! 170 miles or so later, we arrive at Hilton Head Island. And what a great place to do a run!

We had originally planned on only running a mile or so, but after we got out there we decided to run a 5K. The toughest part of the run was that since we *hadn't* planned on a long run, we hadn't brought our iPods along, and I was reminded how much I loathe listening to the sound of my own breathing. So, we did a bit more than a 5K and ran for 35 minutes.

Brunswick, GA - Thursday, May 13

Wow. I am just amazed that people are able to run in this weather! It's only May, and yet, SO HOT AND HUMID!! We headed out fairly early (around 9 am) and it was already in the 80's. We found a cute park not too far from the hotel. Here I am standing by the Genoa Martin Memorial Marker:

The park was a lot smaller than we realized and there were no sidewalks or paths to speak of. We ended up doing a "scenic" jog through the Palmetto Cemetery and a secluded neighborhood. Hot, long, 35 minute jog in Georgia? Done.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Friday, May 14

Again. You would have to actually be certifiable to intentionally run outside in Florida. Wow. After just a few minutes I was sweating and uncomfortable. I had seen a path behind our hotel:

I was actually surprised at the number of people (both young and old) that I saw walking around on our run. Why??? So hot!!! Our run took us through a neighborhood that had no sidewalks, but that didn't stop us. Here is a self portrait after about 20 minutes:

Oh yeah. That's massive amounts of sweat. I had chosen NOT to wear my sunglasses for once (I didn't bring my actual running ones and I found with all the sweat that my casual wear ones are not tight enough so I decided it was better to squint than to be constantly adjusting). Anyway, I was pretty happy when the time was up, this was the most miserable run on the trip to date.

Carnival Imagination/Jogging Track - Saturday, May 15

I almost was starting to feel a bit obsessed when I decided that I still had to go running even though we were on the cruise ship. We kept getting lost on the boat, so our option was to jog around the "Olympic Jogging Track" on the top deck of the boat. It was WINDY. Normally I just sorta complain and deal with it, but it was really tough. On one side it felt like you were barely moving and coming down the other it felt like gale force winds were going to blow you right off the deck. We jogged about 15 minutes and gave up. Even though the Garmin was activated, between the wind and the movement of the boat it computed us running at near Olympic speeds. Hahaha... Here is a picture of me with my awesome windblown hair. And awfully sweaty for only jogging 15 minutes.


And here is a view of the ship from the track:

Carnival Imagination/Fitness Center - Sunday, May 16

Last full day on the boat... I ended up napping and then, then after getting to listen to some fitness tips from Danny Wood I of course had the motivation to head up to the gym. No wonder we had trouble finding it. With no actual signage I happened to ask the woman working at the spa desk - lo and behold, head through the spa and there is a fitness center complete with an aerobics room, treadmills, bikes, weights, etc.

Treadmill run of misery... I think all the days of eating poorly and drinking too much alcohol and not getting enough rest were catching up with me. I was lethargic and tired and dehydrated and just... BLAH. But that did not stop me from suffering through 2 sets on the treadmill, barely finishing 4 miles in 45 minutes.

Long story short... it's tough to train while on vacation.


  1. I came across your blog as I was trying to decide on my next out of state half marathon. And I want to first of all tell you, that I laughed out loud when while reading your account of theThanksgiving Half in Atlanta. When you said, you look at the course and it looked relativly flat (or something like that), I thought "Oh, poor girl". I don't think we have any courses here in Atlanta that are flat and fast. Everything is hot, humid and hilly. Anyway, I was going to go back and comment on that post but after reading your shout out to Danyy Wood, I had so many questions: Was this a NKOTB crusie or did you happen to run into him, or does he have some fitness podcast? I love me some New Kids!

    1. Ha, wow this is an old post! I've actually been on two NKOTB cruises. This post was referencing the first cruise I did with them :)


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