Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Week in Review (September 29 - October 5)

Tuesday (22,407 steps) - Work in the office. Rough being back to normal life after a magical weekend in the mountains! Went for a walk at lunch, and headed to Green Mountain Brewery after work. They were re-paving the parking lot, so I had to park a few blocks away. The way the lot was blocked off was super annoying. Everything ended in a dead end and people were super angry (including me). Ben and Pika met us there. I ran with Pika, Mo and Colfax for about 4 miles on the trails. A beautiful night!

Ariel talked us into watching the end of the debate, and I think this picture of Batman expresses how we all felt afterward. WTF.
Wednesday (16,217 steps) - Work from home. Took Pika for walks. The end.
Thursday (15,766 steps) - Work in the office. Took Pika for walks.
We finally got our storage unit reserved and started packing up and moving things over. I remember now why I said I would just throw everything away again if I ever moved...
Friday (19,039 steps) - Work from home. Lots of trips to Home Depot today because Ben was doing some repairs. Of course when I saw the Plague Doctor Halloween decoration, I had to have it. (Funny story, we had him sitting in the cart like this and a guy came up to us and said "I thought that was your child!!" - we laughed and laughed...)
Pika walks!
Saturday (30,392 steps) - Up early to pick Kristin up and head to Golden Gate park to run Windy Peak. The drive was nice, and outside of not being able to figure out how to pay for parking until we saw a ranger, it was a lovely day. Alison met us for the run - which was nice because I haven't seen her much this summer and I barely got to talk to her at the wedding. I was also really happy that Ariel decided to join us - she hasn't run with me on the trails since... spring?

The afternoon was spent packing and cleaning. AND PLAYING WITH BATMAN AND HIS NEW HARNESSS AND LEASH! (Which he doesn't love yet, but he will!)

We also had a happy hour with Mike and Tyler and FINALLY told them we are moving. Tyler is the most awesome neighbor ever and we will definitely miss him!!
Sunday (19,536 steps) - Slept in!! UNTIL LIKE 8:30. Took Pika for a short walk, then we went to the grocery store. Mountain breakfast of cinnamon rolls and bacon before another day of Home Depot stuff and packing.

After a long dry spell of not seeing any owls, we finally saw one VERY close up again! In the bottom picture he is eyeballing Pika - she does not care though.
Monday (26,091 steps) - Work from home. Same old, same old. Batman's newest gift finally came! (And yes, we are now "those" people). Again, he doesn't like it YET, but I am determined, and I'm sure he will learn to love it, haha.

I met Kristin at New Terrain so we could do a loop around North Table. I've run this trail a zillion times, and I still love it! Pika struggled a little, but none of us fell, so I consider it a success. Great "last run" before Moab 240 this weekend. (I'm feeling very undertrained, but I really didn't think this race was actually going to happen, so I've been barely maintaining mileage. Ah... we will see how it goes).

Had a beer with Kristin and Phil before heading home. Made dinner, more packing and cleaning. House is completely catastrophic right now, but we will get everything done eventually. Ugh.

  • 149,448 steps
  • 14.8 miles run

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