Thursday, October 22, 2020

Week in Review (October 6 - 12)

Tuesday (21,468 steps) - Work in the office. Took Batman for his first real walk in the kitty backpack. I think he'll like it!

I love this picture! So funny and adorable.

Unfortunately for Batman, he had to go back in the backpack later in the evening. Since we needed the house to be pet free for the showings and open houses while we were going to be gone, Batman and Robin were going to a kitty sitter. Our friend Kim was gracious enough to let them stay with her for a whole week! (The cats were super dramatic, but we saw pictures all week long of them living a wonderful kitty life - her place has a balcony that they were allowed to wander on).
Wednesday (19,118 steps) - Work from home. We had to be out of the house relatively early for the photographer to do her thing in preparation for the showings, so we took Pika to the dog park for a bit. Lots of last minute packing for Moab! Ariel decorated Ben's truck for us as well.
Thursday (7,721 steps) - Up early to drive to Moab! The coolest part of our drive was that Ben's friend that still works in the tunnel briefly changed a highway sign for us!
We stopped for lunch in Palisade at the brewery. Both the food and the beer was delicious, and it was nice to relax on a fairly deserted patio.

Obligatory welcome to Utah sign (seriously, we stop every time)
We had to leave Zach at the truck when we went to check in for the race because we had ALL our stuff in the back of Ben's truck. Eeeek, things are getting real!!
After picking up beer at Moab Brewery, we unloaded everything in the BnB. This is apparently the only picture I took inside. Our master suite was super nice - and large enough that we could arrange all our gear pretty easily. We only spent two nights (out of a week) in here. Also, between this BnB and the one we had after the wedding, I'm definitely bargaining for a King size bed. It's so luxurious!

Most of this is briefly summarized in my Moab 240 race report as well. Ben ordered Domino's for delivery, and it literally took TWO HOURS to arrive. WTF?! Had we known it would take the long we just would have picked up, it wasn't that far from where we were, we just didn't want to be driving around all night. In bed way later than planned.
Friday (103,297 steps) - Moab 240!
Saturday (119,564 steps) - Moab 240!
Sunday (106,434 steps) - Moab 240!
Monday (104,679 steps) - Moab 240!

  • 482,281 steps
  • 200ish miles run
  • No cross training, but lots of walking/hiking/running....

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