Thursday, October 22, 2020

Week in Review (October 13 - October 19)

Tuesday (119,551 steps) - The end of Moab 240 (finally)!
Longest run, indeed
Wednesday (5,787 steps) - Unfortunately, we had to check out by 10 am. Since we had been running for 5 days and not gone to bed until after midnight, we had basically crashed and died. We woke up at the ungodly hour of 8 and spent the next two hours panic packing and cleaning. We managed to get out on time, and then on our way out of town met up with Dulce and Zach at Gilberto's for some delicious Mexican food. The only other stop we made on the way home was at Outer Range (of course).
Kim was kind enough to come by the house to drop Batman and Robin off so I didn't need to go out and do it. She was the best for kitty sitting for a week!
Thursday (9,942 steps) - Work in the office (why why why don't I take more time off?). I was super busy all day and never even got a lunch break. Ugh.
Friday (9,647 steps) - Work from home. We had to be out of the house again for a few hours because of the home inspection. I worked from New Terrain for the last few hours - it was great to see Precious and Jake! Had to rush out because Kim was dropping off the cats again. Apparently no pictures today.
Saturday (11,112 steps) - Slept in-ish. Ariel actually joined me for an afternoon walk with Pika 
Since we had already gotten the inspection report back, we now knew that we had a leak (again/still) from the bathtub. When I first moved in it leaked, we did some "temporary" fixes that apparently were no longer working... we spent a lot of time calling around trying to find someone who would be able to investigate the situation. Beautiful sunset walk with Pika!
Sunday (12,319 steps) - The plumber we had found came over just after 9. That led to having to cut a hole in the bathroom ceiling and figuring out the leak. "Luckily," it was a fairly easy fix - once we were in. Of course now we need to re-drywall the ceiling. Again. Like we didn't just do that in the living room!
I'd like to say it's not as bad as it looks, but...
Another nice walk with Pika.
Monday (9,986 steps) - Work from home. Nothing too exciting. We made plans to meet Greg at New Image for a quick drink, and I dropped off my ballot on the way there.

We didn't stay long because we still had to make dinner. We also got the inspection objection back and sadly, looks like we still have more work to do. Ugh.

  • 178,344 steps
  • 40ish miles run
  • No cross training

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