Thursday, May 9, 2019

Week in Review (April 30 - May 6)

Tuesday (20,177 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Last day working with my absolute favorite attorney, Nick, and he gave me a nice card and a $50 gift certificate as a thank you.
It was cold and drizzly (bah!!!) but I headed out early for extra miles before meeting up with everyone at Milk Market. I did NOT feel great on this one, but managed to get in just over 5 miles. I was pretty chilly by the time I got back.
The group was super small, and the awesome folks at Milk Market gave us each a $15 gift card instead of dinner. After my crazy weekend I was too tired to stick around, so I'll save that for another week.
The tulips seem to be enjoying the moisture, however
Stopped at the grocery store, made dinner, did laundry and still managed to be in bed by 9:30.
Wednesday (18,820 steps) - Since I missed the gym on Monday, went to core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder!
Sadly, it was raining AGAIN, and Ariel and I decided it would be irresponsible to run the trails, so we ran the cow path again. And weirdly, just like this SAME RUN, SAME WEEK as last year, my Ultimate Direction jacket was soaked. Ugh. Bye bye, crap rain jacket.

Thursday (19,540 steps) - A had too much homework for run club, so I went alone to Berkeley Park. I ran early so that I could supervise the shop while Phil went out with the group. It was a decent run, and thankfully, I just missed the bad weather.

Friday (19,452 steps) - Core class during lunch - I had to do class in my ballet flats because I apparently left my gym shoes at home. 
Probably not a smart idea, but I decided to go to Lair o' the Bear again after work. (I got invited to some stupid FitBit challenge and instead of taking the day off, figured I could do some hiking/downhill running). Fun times taking Michael out there for the first time.

Picked up Garbanzo's on the way home, got aid station ready & bed. Phew.
Saturday (41,743 steps) - Runners Edge! First week with the earlier start time of 7, and thankfully I had the start/finish so I wasn't trekking around looking for my spot. Had 16 on schedule, and it went... meh. About as well as could be expected considering all the miles I ran earlier in the week. David was MIA, so the route wasn't marked and a bunch of us got off track. Oh well, got the miles in.

Baby goose!!
With A in Breckenridge with her friend, I quickly packed and drove up to the mountains. Ben had me stop by his work on the way up, that was pretty neat! One beer at Angry James, then we took Pika for a walk before ordering pizza. In bed early, it was a LONG day.

Sunday (9,983 steps) - Definitely not in the mood to run, but Ben had an idea that we could go up Mt. Royal. It was a good compromise! Super steep (think Mt. Morrison steep), and it was still incredibly snow-packed. We had a fantastic time and got back down without injuring ourselves.

Quick beers at Outer Range, picked up snacks at the grocery store and Cheba Hut for dinner. Watched Game of Thrones & in bed early-ish again.

Monday (17,050 steps) - With A staying in the mountains another day, I got to sleep in until 5 before heading back to Denver. Forgot to sign up for class at the gym and it was full by the time I tried to sign up at the office. Crazy busy day since Nicole is on vacation. Planned on New Terrain / North Table run club. The sky was dark and angry, and it was seeming like we were just going to have a beer and head home.
We waited about 20 minutes and the sky cleared up and we headed up (the steep way). I had the worst calf issues that I've had in YEARS and really struggled up the climbs. The rain had cooled everything down and it was truly lovely on the way down.

Phil got this pic of A running up - who looks that happy on a big hill??!
Super shocked to see some segment PR's on this one.

  • 146,765 steps
  • 42.6 miles run
  • 2 gym visits & hiking!

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