Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Week in Review (May 8 - May 14)

Tuesday (9,686 steps) - Since my Monday barre class had been cancelled, I went to class with Brena after work.  That was a tough one!
Wednesday (19,647 steps) - Runners Roost Boulder! It was a gorgeous night for a run, it was soooo green and bold that it really looked fake when I looked at the pictures later.

Thursday (14,164 steps) - Barre with Sienna. Belmar run club! It was hot AF, and I had initially planned on an easy jog. It seemed monumentally difficult, so I did more of a run/walk (yet managed to PR two segments).
Friday (7,334 steps) - Went to lunch at Citizen Rail with Nicole for lunch. Tasty!! #pizzaFriday
Saturday (24,226 steps) - Runners Edge! Soooo happy to "only" have 8 on schedule. It was overcast and cool, perfect running weather. We went to brunch at Snooze with David, Pete and Janet while we were waiting to pick up our aid station.
A Samoa pancake???? SO GOOD.
On the way home we did some quick grocery shopping, then home to clean and pack. Not more than a few minutes after we finished, Maureen texted to see if we wanted to meet her at the winery for a party! She had tickets that got us in for free, so we got to taste wine AND get a lot of free food. Fun night!
Sunday (10,200 steps) - I had all the goals of sleeping in, but once again, in my old age, sleeping in is impossible. I forced myself to stay in bed until 8. Then it was tv time, a walk to the school, then shower and head to Mother's Day brunch at Dedira & Rachelle's house. Left their house at 3:30 to go to barre for my first weekend class in months. We then hit up Denver's newest brewery, Cerveceria Colorado, where I got a tasty churro stout. The food truck had grilled cheese, so we got one of those too.

Monday (15,827 steps) - New Terrain run club! It was overcast, and I was worried we would have some storms, but really we just got a few raindrops and a little wind. Actually a really great "last run," even set some segment PRs!


  • 101,084 steps
  • 23.1 miles run
  • 3 barre classes

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