Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week in Review (September 30 - October 6)

Tuesday - After two days off after Bear Chase and not being sore, I decided to run after work. I forced myself to stop after 3 (speedy) miles. Weird, fantastic run.
Wednesday - 3.5 mile run during lunch. After work went to BodyPump - still hate this release.
Thursday - 4.25 miles. Still speedy, pretty good. Stopped because I started feeling a nagging ache in behind my left knee.
Friday - Easy 3 miles during lunch, stretching after work.
Saturday - 6ish miles on the treadmill. Went to the Hot Chocolate expo, then a BBQ with friends at the park. Ate way too much and in bed EARLY.
Sunday - Hot Chocolate 15K. I have ZERO recollection of what I did the remainder of the day.
Monday - CHAOS. Due to low numbers, this was the last week :(

Weekly Miles Run - 29.19
Minutes of Cross Training - 60
Minutes of Strength/Stretching - 73

Weekly Loss - 3.6 pounds (116.0)
  • Lost the weird 3ish pounds I gained after Bear Chase and about another half pound. Seems about right with the food/beer consumption this week.
Everything Else 
  • Quite possibly the most uninteresting week ever. So, here is a picture of A with the ice cream cone she made earning her pottery badge with the Girl Scouts.

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