Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week in Review (October 14 - October 20)

Tuesday - 2 miles during lunch, another 5.5 after dinner. Neither was terrible.
Wednesday - 2+ miles during lunch, then BodyPump after work. The last few times I have been I have NOT enjoyed the set. The instructor made a "Girl Power" mix that was almost entirely P!nk songs, which was actually pretty fun. Best class I have been to in ages.
Thursday - The day started off poorly great, with Lisa telling me she had made cookies. Then I saw the size of the tupperware containing said cookies. I tried to start with just one. That led to 2, then 10, then more than a dozen... I managed to run 4+ miles during lunch (how I didn't puke on the treadmill is a miracle). Dinner was the family birthday dinner for L. Ran another 6+ - again, no puking is a miracle.

Friday - NOTHING... During lunch, L and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for the dairy trifecta (we split a grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese and a slice of cheesecake), then we hit up the RnR expo. Dinner was pizza and a LOT of beer.
Saturday - Without planning it, I was still in bed at almost 10 am. We went to Dunkin' where we tried the Pumpkin Creme Brulee latte. WHICH WAS FANTASTIC. The donut selection was crap, so we had to go to the grocery store for donuts. Lunch was a Mexican Fiesta (hatch green chile enchiladas and beer). Some shopping after lunch, and then MORE PIZZA for dinner. Even with wandering the mall, I barely did 9,000 steps according to FitBit.

Sunday - Up early for RnR Denver - which turned out to be a great lunch. Dunkin' after with another latte and a toasted coconut donut. Lunch of a burger (which WEIRDLY, I was too full to finish). Quick run to Target - and with no line at the pharmacy, Ariel and I got our flu shots. This is only the second time I have gotten one, but since it was "free" and I was there, I figured I might as well.

I'm assuming more couch-sitting, and then dinner with me, L and my older sister for Indian food. The finale of the weekend was a half dozen mini cheesecakes (in fun "Halloween" themed flavors) - L and I *did* split, so it was really only THREE mini? It all sounds like so much when I type it out...
Monday - With Chaos over and no major running planned this week, Heather and I decided to do the new Fitness Blender 5 day challenged for "busy people." Day One was a "HIIT cardio + Butt & Thigh" workout. It was challenging, but not horrible. A reminder of how HARD jumping is :(

Weekly Miles Run - 33.24 miles
Minutes of Cross Training - 30
Minutes of Strength/Stretching- 60

Weekly Gain - 3.0 (118.4)

  • So.... for L's birthday, she wanted to eat all her "favorite things." We had a lot to squeeze into what we deemed "Lost Weekend" - burger, pizza, donuts, enchiladas, cheesecake(s), Indian food, beer...
  • Honestly, I'm actually surprised it wasn't worse. I have been very diligent about the whole "counting calories" business for the last few months, and I did not log ANYTHING starting with the dozen and half cream cheese frosted pumpkin cookies I had for breakfast on Tuesday.
  • After more than one meal I was sweaty, light-headed and pukey feeling. Can't IMAGINE eating like that on a regular basis. It was HARD WORK.
  • #EatAllTheThings - SERIOUSLY...
Everything Else
  • In 5 days, Ariel is doing her first 10K! The race starts late (9:30), and we have unseasonably warm temperatures forecasted - highs near 80! Seems better than the alternative (cold, windy, rainy and/or snowy). 
  • NEXT WEEK, we leave for NYC!!! So excited! I have been waiting for this race/trip for a LONG time. Ariel is excited, I'm excited, going to be SO FUN.
  • Work is horrid, the End.


  1. Don't even say flu shot. I am so sick and tired of flu shots!

  2. Looks like you are enjoying the food. This is the time of year to do it, though. You are ramping up the miles so naturally your appetite increases. I definitely have the same problem when you unleash me at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    As far as your interviewing skills go -- be sure you conclude each interview with a thank-you email / letter and be sure to tell the people at the end of the interview that you want the job (even if you are unsure). A lot of times interviewers want to see someone who appears to be eager to work for them. That can make a huge difference.

    Have fun in NYC. Should be a blast.

  3. How exciting for A to get to see NYC! We are hoping to be able to go & see Annie on Broadway before it closes. A is going to have so many awesome memories!

    Your food looks incredible. If you're going to gain 3lbs at least it's from food was totally worth it! Indian food is my faaavorite. & Happy Birthday to L.

    I don't do flu shots. The shots seem to have zero impact on whether or not we catch the flu anyway. I hope it works for you two though!

  4. You had me at hatch green chiles. That was my favorite thing when I visited Denver last fall. I was in Denver for 26 hours, and had hatch chiles 4 different times. I'm an overachiever when it comes to food.

  5. bahahhaha work is horrid, the end. sorry, it was just funny (even though IRL i know it's not). and holy S at all the yummy things yall ate!! REALLY hope i see you in NYC (p.s. take A to serendipity- it is heaven, but kinda pricey).


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