Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kooky Spooky 10K (Race Recap)

Sunday, October 26
Golden, CO
Weather - Sunny and warm

Ariel had been asking to run a 10K for years. I had been very hesitant to let her sign up for one since she doesn't do much, if any, recreational running. She joined me a few times for run club over the last few months, but other than that, no "training" for this race at all.

She was very excited to go to packet pick-up and get her bib, but was a bit disappointed that there was no "expo" to attend. We picked up our stuff the Friday before at a busy Italian restaurant. Not a great choice for dinner time.

Saturday night she got her clothes ready - Flat Ariel is ready to run!

Race Day

My friends Heather and Dan were super excited for Ariel's race and offered to run with us so we could all motivate her. We didn't get up super early since the race was only about 20 minutes from the house and didn't start until 9:30. We got there with about 45 minutes to spare and got some pictures and used the bathroom.

I knew Ariel was nervous about the distance, and to be honest, so was I. The course is a loop course and it is NOT a flat course. It was unseasonably warm and the sun was beating down on us before we even started running. We lined up just in front of all the strollers and I hoped for the best.

The first mile was a gradual downhill, and was the only mile where A was "happy" and feeling well.

Dan and A

I love Heather's "Top Gun" costume!
Not being a seasoned runner, Ariel was drinking a TON of water because it was so hot. This caught up to her as the miles went on and she got a stomach ache, which made for an unpleasant few miles. Her legs were tired, she was getting discouraged, but we did our best to make it fun for her.

Once we got to some downhill, it was a bit easier to motivate her - mainly, because she wanted to pass people. She did really great the last mile or so - even managed a few smiles for the photographer:

When she could finally see the finish line, she was a bit more motivated. She ran most of the last half mile, and the adults held back so that she could cross the finish line ahead of us. L and Hannah came to the finish line, which made A really happy.

I was pretty disappointed that the announcer screwed up Ariel's finish line announcement. All-Out allows you (when registering) to include a "tidbit" for the announcer to say when you cross the line. He was supposed to say Ariel was finishing her first 10K, but didn't announce it. Kind of a bummer! 

Ariel's Officials
Overall - 223/245
Gender - 153/170
Garmin Time - 1:33:32
Garmin Distance - 6.24 miles
Garmin Pace - 14:59
Mile 1 - 10:37
Mile 2 - 13:43
Mile 3 - 18:49
Mile 4 - 17:20
Mile 5 - 15:14
Mile 6 - 14:53
Mile 6.24 - 12:06

We collected our medals and it was already time to head over to the awards and raffles.

I think Dee, the race director (who knows Ariel pretty well), created the special age group just for her. Regardless, she was pumped to win first place (out of one, she says) in her division. Dee made a really big deal out of the award, which was neat.

  • All-Out really puts on a good event. Ariel has volunteered at 4 races and earned a free entry for a race, and picked this one - which turned out to be a pretty good choice.
  • Very clear communication - both in writing before the event and on the event website,
  • The courses are very well marked. She runs multiple distances and there is pretty much no way you could screw it up. Plenty of aid stations, all well stocked with water, "electrolyte drink" and 2 of the aid stations had Clif gels (although those were probably intended for the half marathoners).
  • The race offers FREE race pictures!! I love free race pictures, and I'm happy that we got a few really good ones.
  • All her races now offer separate medals for all three distances, which is also really cool.
  • As for Ariel and the race itself, I think she was in over her head for the distance. She normally is fine for the first mile or two, so a 5K with minimal to no training is probably her max for now.
  • Overall, it was a pretty fun day, and huge thanks to Dan and Heather for sticking with us on a sunny, hot day. It really made the experience fun for Ariel that her "big friends" were willing to stick with her.


  1. Your daughter will come to appreciate the time you put into helping her on this. Pretty amazing she was able to do this and I think you really helped add to her self-esteem. Running can change people's lives for the better and I think Ariel has taken a huge step forward in knowing "she can do anything she puts her mind to". I would encourage her train so that the experience is a bit more enjoyable. Nice write-up and cool outfits.

  2. A is for Awesome! Great job, Ariel and cool shirt.

  3. A is a crazy person!! I love that they created that AG for her to win, adorable :D :D

  4. Great job! I love that she got an AG win in addition to a finisher's medal. Too cute!

  5. congrats to A! I love that she is so active and that you encourage it...and of course yall look adorable too! :)

  6. Way to go A! A PR and AG win...it doesn't get any better! Where do you find running clothes in her size?! That's so cute!

  7. Great job, Ariel! I think it's awesome that she wants to run longer distances. My 6 year old wants to too, but he doesn't want to train for them. I guess he gets that from me.


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