Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week in Review (Mar 25 - March 31)

Tuesday - I may or may not have called in late for work so I could go for a run with L. With the kids gone, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get off the treadmill again. It was COLD out, mid 20's, and my left hip was SORE from when I fell on my trail run. I had to walk a bit in the early miles, but knocked out 5 miles and was only an hour late to work. I didn't miss anything anyway.

Wednesday - Before work I did the toned, lean arms video again. I am still so weak. How is this possible? So far, I think I actually like the really long arm tabata video the best, but obviously, I was on limited time. After work, I ran the Green Mountain loop again. After my fall on the trail run, I was already sore. This was a bit of a struggle and MUCH slower and windier and colder than when I ran it Monday. Also, a lot more bikes, so I was jumping off the trail a TON.

Thursday - A was supposed to be back earlier in the day, so I skipped the gym and did the lower body butt and thigh tabata video while I was waiting for her. Due to poor road conditions, they didn't get in until after 9:00.

Friday - My first for REAL complete rest day since... October. The last day of packing/preparing for our big office move, and I was busy all day. I also ate a ton of candy. Stress eating!!
Saturday - Got up and went to the gym to run on the treadmill. I had planned on an "easy hour" - but I was still just lethargic and sore and tired, so I ran 3ish miles and called it quits. Sat in the sauna. Spent the day running errands and grocery shopping. After dinner, upper body tabata video.

Sunday - Took the kids to see Frozen at the cheapo movie theater. Yes, we know it is on video, and yes, we own it. It costs $2.50 for TWO people to see movies there! In the afternoon, I took the kids roller skating - they had FREE passes for spring break. I did the brutal butt and thigh video and finally some abs.
Monday - Moving IN to the new office at work. I still had to park in my lot by the old building, and it was 1.3 miles of walking each way. In the wind. (No, it was not uphill both ways). Had an amazing 6+ mile run on the treadmill at the gym.

Weekly Miles Run - 21.4 (trails - 13.4, road - 5.3, treadmill - 9.4)
Weekly Cross Training - Nada
Minutes of Strength - 139

Weekly Gain - 1.6 pounds
  • I am sucking majorly at #NotEatingAllTheThings Round 2. I ate probably a half dozen donuts, mini cheesecakes, went out to eat a few times, pizza, etc... eating way off track all weekend. If I'm going to bother, I need to buckle down and take this more seriously. 
  • I have gained back close to half of what I lost last/spring summer. I'd hate for all the new clothes I got last year to not fit or be tight and unflattering.
  • I did buy beer for the first time in about 6 weeks, and it was tasty and delicious (I still have 3 left).
  • No cooking this week, except roasting some sweet potatoes. A wanted a "break" and I for real can't eat that many leftovers of the same thing.
Not pictured are the hundreds of donuts and treats I consumed. I was too involved with stuffing my face.
Everything Else
  • Moving. The. Office. Just as un-fun as it sounds. I did a lot of packing (not just my own stuff) and of course, unpacking as well. For real, if/when I move again, I am taking nothing but my clothes. Everything else can go!
  • And other than the fact that I didn't get to spend spring break with A, things are same ol' same ol'. At least she got to enjoy some nature and warmer weather!


  1. first real rest day!?!?! I would die if it would've been that long! looks like the girls enjoyed spring break! half my cooking lately has been grilling chicken on the stove for a week and adding different vegetables. boring, but eating for 1 is hard.

  2. A and H look like they're enjoying it?!

    I REALLY love that drop it like it's squat video. I don't know why. But I doooooooo.

  3. I'm curious why you prefer to do "single body part" videos, rather than whole body workouts. The reason I ask is that I post follow-along workout videos on YouTube also, and I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to improve my videos. I would LOVE to have some feedback from you about what you want in a workout! (You can message me privately PahlaB2@gmail.com )

  4. I've gained about 10 lbs since last summer...so I really need to stop #eatingallthethings! Lol. But I like eating half of a pizza followed by 800 calories worth of candy...ugh.

  5. In spite of your carzy donut binges, your workouts are incredible, and you look great!


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