Friday, September 6, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon (Race Recap)

Anaheim, CO
Sunday, September 1
Half Marathon #91
Disneyland Half #3
Weather - the Sunniest!!

And of course to complete the Dumbo Double Dare challenge, we would be running the Disneyland half marathon (again). We read and RE-READ the information to be sure that we were NOT confused on the start time. This time, there were four of us that needed to get ready. We got out the door only about a minute late. We had a friend that was meeting us in Downtown Disney before we headed back over to Haagen Dasz to get a latte. I know, we have problems.

We were able to hit the bathrooms a few times, parted ways with the other Heather and then managed to wander into corral B (even though I somehow ended up with a D bib). We did start at the very back though. Thankfully, the race started early enough that it was dark and not YET a billion degrees.

So, the friend that we were running with had only run a handful of times in the last year, so I was a bit concerned that our Disney PR would be out of reach. SPOILER - WE PR'D!!!

Anyway, the plan of the day was to NOT be the very dead last people on the course, take pictures, have fun and try to get as much running in as possible before the sun melted our skin off.


I don't even know what is happening here

And as always, the magic pretty much ends when you leave the park and you don't have any more characters or random farm animals to get your picture taken with. I feel like we normally hit the blinding sun on the overpass, but we lucked out and I don't feel like had to deal with that until at least mile 5.

The sunniest sun ever!
The classic cars went on much longer than last year, which I guess gave us something to look at. And of COURSE, I loved this section of signage. Hilarious!!

Things sort of started to fall apart for Piglet when we had to run along the canal before entering Angels stadium. The BEST part of the entire race was the random tent that was handing out DONUTS. L and I managed to each grab a chocolate donut with M&M's that we split with Heather and Piglet. THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD DURING A RACE. I grabbed a couple gels but did NOT take one, I sure didn't need it. I was so pumped on sugar I almost crashed giving all the kids hi fives.

I mean, I know a Disney PR doesn't MATTER, but I had been looking at my watch all day and I knew it was attainable as long as we at least ran a LITTLE. Piglet sucked it up and ran quite a bit, and here I am obnoxiously telling her WE ARE ALMOST THERE:

Official Time - 3:08:24
Official 5k - 41:38
Official 10k - 1:32:52
Official 15k - 2:14:26
Overall Place - 10631/15847
Gender Place - 6034/10008
Division Place - 982/1601
Garmin Time - 3:08:34
Garmin Moving Time - 2:49:23
Mile 1 - 11:35
Mile 2 - 13:17
Mile 3 - 15:02
Mile 4 - 23:07
Mile 5 - 13:41
Mile 6 - 12:09
Mile 7 - 13:42
Mile 8 - 12:48
Mile 9 - 12:43
Mile 10 - 14:20
Mile 11 - 13:21
Mile 12 - 14:38
Mile 13 - 13:39
Mile 13.36 - 12:44

  • I love Disney races. They are so much fun.
  • I will not run this race again (Heather, you need to hold me to this!!) - for no reason other than it has gotten really expensive to run Disney, so I am going to stick with just running Tinkerbell (I'm still a legacy runner!)
  • Unlike WDW, they did not run out of gels, which was nice. Also, they did not run out of cups or water, and I think there was Powerade at every aid station.
  • Very well organized event.


  1. I also will not run this again. Maybe together we will have the will power to abstain (until possibly an anniversary year???)

  2. I'm impressed your friend ran with that fake pig nose the entire racce, talk about commitment. I ran princess once and that was enough Disney for me... maybe some day i'll make it to a disneyland themed one (i'm digging the dumbo medal, how adorable)

  3. I hadn't done DL in a while, but after this one, I think I'll pass for a while also. I'm also trying to hold on to my Tink legacy. Although, if January is as whackadoodle as last weekend, I may decide to stay away from that one also.


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