Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's New...

Because I love bullet lists:
  • NOT new - I'M FUNDRAISING!! I know, I know. People are probably getting tired of hearing about it already! For now, all I'm asking for is money, I'm not going to be doing any giveaways (that may or may not change). I'm raising money for the LAZAREX CANCER FOUNDATION. My goal is $950 and I have until mid August to get the money in, so obviously no rush, but hey, I like to proactive. You can do a tax-deductible donation HERE and I'll also have a link on my sidebar until the end of August.
  • I am still NOT over the zombie bird flu plague. Coughing, congestion, fatigue... it's still all there. Going on two weeks. So fun.
  • Somewhat related to the last bullet. I have been going on and on for well over a year about how I'm just in general fatigued and tired and everything is so much harder than it used to be, blah blah blah. I finally FINALLY have an appointment to see a doctor next week. Hopefully this is an easy fix and I can get back into some more intense training/running.
    • Sorta related: I did not have any calf issues during my half on Sunday. That's new. What else is new is that even though I "ran" the slowest pace ever (11:2x), I am STILL sore days later in my calves. WHY WHY WHY??? It's not like I was "racing" - so annoying.
  • WHY do I want to get in to more training? Well... I'm not sure if there were any actual correct guesses when I posted this picture last week, so I'll give you the spoiler. I'm going back to Moab. Not for another attempt at running 100, because that would be CRAZY. However... I did sign up for the 24 hour division. So. We'll see how much I can accomplish in 24 hours.
  • I sorta have a new training program. SORTA. That means that tonight, for the first time in... oh, probably a year, I will be attempting some speed work. Don't laugh, this probably means my "speed" will be somewhere in the 9:30 min/mile range. (See above, I'm still recovering from zombie bird flu plague. I've also become the SLOWEST HUMAN EVER. My "race pace" is over 2 min/mile slower than 2 years ago. WOMP, WOMP)
  • Related: I'm running a very local half marathon on Sunday. Last year, it was 7 degrees. It was cold. This year, the forecast for the ENTIRE WEEKEND is snow. And THIS is why there are NO RACES in Colorado in the winter.
  • Related: I am OVER winter. (Which seems so dumb to even say since we've had the most mild winter ever. Put a little snow in the forecast and I LOSE MY MIND).
  • Did you know I'm also running a marathon? Next weekend? No? Well... as under trained and sick as I've been, it should be GOOD TIMES. Anyone else going to be at IMS Arizona???
  • SOMEONE HEARD ALL MY COMPLAINING LAST FALL ABOUT THE LACK OF A HALLOWEEN HALF MARATHON IN COLORADO. Just added is one VERY close to my house - called the Kooky Spooky. OMG I AM SO EXCITED. Is it too soon to start planning my costume??? 
  • Blah blah blah - hunger/nutrition. I hope that after my visit to the doctor, I can get back to a more vigorous schedule that will allow me to eat as much as I'm used to. I am on a minor candy kick, which I am sure is not helping. Suggestions for better monitoring food intake? Things to consider:
    • I will not count calories. I have at least three apps on my phone that are capable of doing that, and I'm fooling no one. I will not do it.
    • I will not "give up" anything.
    • I really like salads, but they don't seem like a super cost effective lunch. Which is a bummer, because if I had all the money, I'd go to a salad bar EVERY DAY.
  • Blah blah blah - the Lazy
    • I have a treadmill at home. Did you know that? I've run on it less than a dozen times in the 2+ years I have owned it. It just "feels" different than the ones at the gym, so I don't use it. My recliner FACES the treadmill. I sit in my recliner and LOOK AT MY TREADMILL.
      • Should I just suck it up and start using it? For walking? Running? To hang my clothes?
      • Should I sell it?
      • WHY AM I SO LAZY?
  • A is selling Girl Scout cookies again. Well, if by selling, you mean stacking boxes upon boxes of cookies in my hallway, then yes, she is "selling." Last year, I was out of work, and we went out almost every day. This year, I've been sick and working and we haven't gone out ONCE. I'm a jerk. She wants to sell enough to go to camp this summer. Sigh.


  1. I DO think you should use your treadmill. Get a fan. Use it.

    But if you're not going to do that, just sell it. IT'S GIANT :D

    A bunch of local friends are running IMS?

    It's totally NOT too early to plan a Halloween costume.

  2. I moved a laptop in front of my treadmill and watch shows on hulu and netflix. So much better than the tv choice at the gym!

  3. I don't really like my treadmill either, but that is because it's a cheap model and not nearly as nice as the gym treadmills.

    I suggest hitting up your FB friends and demanding they buy cookies. Post picture of A with a super sad face.

    On the Salad front, it seems expensive, but I promise you it's really not that bad. I probably spend less than $15 per week for 5 salads with chicken included. I'd be happy to offer some ideas. I have been super lazy, so to keep my butt from expanding, I require salads at lunch.

  4. This Indiana girl is over winter as well! Do we really have to wait until we retire to move some place warmer? And not to wish my life away but with that in mind, retirement can't come soon enough.

    I will be doing the IMS Arizona - the half marathon.

  5. Have you tried Manuka honey? It's my go to wonder cure for sore throats, coughs, flu and general overall wellbeing.

  6. USE THE TREADMILL! i wish i had one. at least walk on it while you watch tv? or run :) i've seen tons of pins on pinterest about salad in a jar thing. it would be easy to prep for the week and take that to work so you don't have to eat out. i haven't tried it though (since i work out of my car-it's not an option). counting hasn't been as bad for me as it used to be. i think i just know what i should and shouldn't eat. but i still cheat.


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