Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Before I get to the list - I must apologize for being the laziest blogger ever. I've been super busy at work, mostly thanks to doing the work of THREE people (have I mentioned that enough yet?) and I've been going to bed "old lady" early. Plus, I haven't really had anything to blog about.
  1. Have you entered in my RAFFLE yet??
  2. I had a pretty successful 7 mile run before work this morning (my alarm went off at 4:23 am), which is GREAT since this weekend is one of my last remaining marathons - the Little Rock marathon. I signed up opening day (August 1) because I want one of those GIGANTIC medals. This is also the beginning of the end of my travel days, as starting in May, we are really focusing on the local races.
  3. Speaking of local races... 100k? Yes?


  1. Good luck at Little Rock this weekend! I'll be there too (the HUGE medal was a selling point for me too!)

  2. I did the Little Rock half marathon last year. Very well organized race and lots of fun!!


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