Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

This one's for you LJ...

I had never actually TRIED a Larabar. L tried one and didn't like it, so I assumed I wouldn't. Well. I'm reducing sugars and other unnecessary junk from my food, and tried the Key Lime Pie today. OMG. Delicious. So... no more free larabars for you!!


  1. The Cherry Pie is amazing! I'll have to try the Key Lime Pie-haven't had that one yet.

  2. bahaha darn on the no free lara bars. I made the decision that i'm going to skimp out on seattle since its really the only weekend my parents can come down and they haven't been here in over a year. Every so often I have to put them before racing... sigh.

  3. I agree with above. The Cherry Pie is awesome! Now I need to try the key lime.

  4. I too need to try the key lime. I'll look for some today

  5. I just snacked on a Larabar last night I got at an expo. I was starving, wanted something bad for me, but chose this instead. I had the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip! Tasty!!!

  6. My favorites are:
    Apple Pie
    Cashew Cookie
    Pecan Pie

    I think you'll be surprised how much you like cherry pie too...just saying.

  7. I have such a huge stash of these - the small ones from expos. You made me kind of want to actually try one now!


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