Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Rewind

Miles Run - 109.30
Races Run - 3 (2 half marathons and 1 Ragnar)
PR's Set - Zero. Although I ran Platte River faster than in 2011.
Minutes of Plank - 92

It seemed that EVERY run this month was pretty challenging. I know my body needs to "recover," but it feels like this is going on FOREVER. I seem to tire very easily. And that is super frustrating. Since I *finally* am back at work, I have even LESS time to exercise. I'm definitely in a funk. Making up for that by purchasing tons of gear, and like always, planning more races.

Thoughts, suggestions??


  1. New follower, and ugh...sometimes I feel like I'm in the same boat..and ha I just went and bought the book on chi running. Ever read that?
    I'm pretty impressed with your plank minutes!!!

  2. If you have an office or cubicle that you can put personal stuff in maybe hang some of your race medals around and print out your race calender to keep you motivated. Also I read that getting up and stretching/ walking around the office for a few minutes every hour can help keep you energized. Apparently we aren't built to sit in an office chair all day.

  3. Running 100+ miles in a month doesn't look like a running funk to me :) Hang in there and just remember why you run. You run to have fun and feel good, so no reason to stress about a missed run.

  4. it could be an adjustment back to the full time working world and still recovering from the big race. and you are a fabulous mom and you travel a ton too. i can imagine that all of that takes a toll on your body and maybe you aren’t getting enough “rest.” ?? that’s the only thing i can think of.


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