Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Rewind

Miles Run - 161.44 (Blah).
Races Run - 4 (1 10k, 2 half marathons, 1 partial 100 miler)
PR's Set - Zero. I did, however, have my first DNF. That was disappointing.
Minutes of Plank - 108

Blah. March did NOT end the way I expected. I'm sorta depressed about where things ended up. I have races pending but nothing major to train for. I met up with a run group from Runners Roost on Saturday, and even though they were all tons faster (no, really. I was DEAD last), they were super nice. I will likely run with them again. Other than that. Trying to avoid the funk of having no goals.


  1. I wish you were feeling as successful as you are. I'm proud of you!

  2. You've come so far! Is there another 100 miler you could do? Don't give up!

  3. technically you did PR in the distance…. :):) i can understand the funk though. that was a huge challenge/goal. but be proud either way!


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