Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Exciting News!!

Non Running Related

I GOT THE JOB, I GOT THE JOB, I GOT THE JOB!! (Do I sound excited?? Because I super duper am!) So my official title is Billing Specialist/Non Traditional Paralegal. Fancy! And even MORE fancy? I will be working in a high rise building downtown. Pay is good, they all seem very nice, job seems challenging. I start tomorrow (Wednesday).

With a only 7 class periods left (and my job is working around my classes), I have all A's! I even got 100% on my last two exams. Wheeeee!!

Running Related

I know I have talked a ton about how much I sweat. I am unfortunately "that person" that sweats just sitting around, which is why I almost always wear dark colors. I have FINALLY found a solution... Product is called Certain Dri. I started using it last week... NO CRAZY SWEAT MARKS. So anyway, if you are looking for something. It is clearly going to make my life better.

I got an awesome discount and finally tried Brooks PureFlow. I ran 6ish miles in them today and think I love them a little bit. My only complaint would be they don't seem to breathe as well as my Newtons. I can live with that I think. Especially to save $60 on a pair of shoes.

Remember I drank the Luluaid? I finally tried some of their socks. They are all that and a bag of chips. Trust me.

In just a few days, Kim and Lisa will be here to run with me for the Platte River half marathon. We are currently looking at temperatures in the upper 40s with rain... SORRY...

It is only 10 days until SoCal Ragnar!! I haven't talked much about it, but I am CRAZY excited. I get to see my BFF Heather and some of my Disney running buddies. I have been given the "death" leg, aka, the hardest leg. Should be fun and challenging.

I am addicted to Nuun. I now drink it every day, even if I'm not running. Current favorite flavors are tropical and strawberry lemonade. Yummo.

On the Sundays I am not racing, I will be taking A with me to Yoga at Lululemon Boulder. She has been begging to go, and let's face it, it will give me an excuse to check out the merchandise.

Not so exciting

I realized I will no longer be able to do the weekday runs with the running group I literally just joined. I'm a little bummed about that, especially since I had already told A she could come with me. She is also bummed. I will still be able to do the weekend runs, on the rare weekends that I am not racing. Le sigh.

New/Renewed aches and pains. My ankle was bothering me during long run on Sunday. Wrapped in KT tape today and it was better. I wish the tape would stick better though. My right knee is also bothering me, ouchy right under the kneecap. Also, I have felt super tired and exhausted lately. Getting enough sleep. Eating/hydrating pretty well. Still not feeling energetic. Hope it is nothing serious.

Sorry no pictures today :)


  1. I got Brooks PureFlows, ran 2 x and now have plantar fasciitis!!!!!! Since you're been running in Newtons, you'll be fine but I was dumb and went from stability trainers to the Flows. Too dramatic change. Dumb-ASS! So happy for you & the new job, especially that they are working around your class schedule. Very cool!

  2. Will you be able to run with the cherry creek runners roost??

  3. Awesome work on the new job! Way to go!

  4. Congrats on the job! That is so exciting and way to go with all As. Good luck on your upcoming races!

  5. Congrats on the job. Bummer about the non-weekday runs. Be careful with the ouchies! OMGosh over all your racing! Yipee for the great grades! And bunches more. That was a lot in one post. Your life is clearly more exciting than mine.

  6. Wow, you are having an exciting week! Congrats!

  7. Oh my goodness!! How exciting! Congratulations on the job front -- and nice work on your solid A's!

  8. Congrats! Good luck on your first day!!

  9. YAY JOB!!!! I'm so excited for you!!

    I'M EVEN MORE EXCITED TO SEE YOU IN LESS THAN 10 DAYS!!! So excited I'd be screaming, but I'm at work. I have a box of tropical Nuun waiting for you!

    I've procured lulu socks. I'm going to check out the Brooks this weekend....

  10. so excited about the job for you! i know that’s been a stress. hope the pureflows work-i, like alma, injured myself in the damn things. i loved them at first. and they are still pretty to look at :):)

  11. Congrats!!! Very exciting news!!! Maybe your body just needs a little time off to recover.

  12. read this post a few hours ago and then as i'm watching tv a certain dri commercial came on--- immediately thought of you and had to post. Hope first day went well!

  13. Hello! Congrats on the job. Been reading your blog for about 2 months since I registered for my 1st half - the Platte River. I'm totally inspired to do these across the nation! Anyways, the weather sounds frightful on Sunday. any clothing advice?


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