Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Things

The trend seems to be 13 things... so here we go:

1. In just under 8 weeks of ultra training for the Moab 100, I have run 335 miles. That's insane.
2. I never thought I would say I "only" have to run 10 miles today.
3. I can't BELIEVE I was actually able to pull off having surgery and STILL get EVERY.SINGLE.MILE.IN. Thankfully, it was a "short & easy" week. (Again, who knew I'd every look at a 40+ mile week and think "easy."
4. Here are the races I'm CURRENTLY registered for in 2012. 99.9% dropping out of Edinburgh though :(

5. Here are the races I currently have PENDING for 2012:

6. A "might" have figured out that she is going with me to California later this month. Sneaky and tricky, that one.
7. I joined a "challenge" to not weigh myself until the end of January. After years of weighing myself every Friday, this is going to be hard.
8. After weeks and weeks of eating JUNK, I think I mostly have settled back into my regular eating groove. I honestly feel so gross after binging, and then working out seems EVEN harder.
9. I've expanded my job search market. More on this later.
10. The weather here SUCKS. You know I hate winter, snow, cold, etc. Today? THE WIND. Add into it the snow on the ground and overall cold weather? It's FREAKING FREEZING.
11. I actually got talked out of entering a race. Who knew that was even POSSIBLE??
12. If you haven't done it already? DO IT NOW. Check out the virtual race and massive giveaway over on Giraffy's blog. And it's all for an AMAZING cause.
13. School starts on Tuesday. My brain has been "off" for a month. Hope I'm ready!


  1. 1. I was pretty shocked you heeded my advice.

    2. If it were up to me, I'd hire you. Can you learn Mandarin?

    3. TWO WEEKS!

  2. I'm sure you have told people on this blog but how do you find the time and money to do all these races? I'm very curious--amazing!

  3. Wow, you run a lot! A forty plus miles week is an amazing week for me.

  4. We only have one race the same this year. :( Of course it is still January - you never know what I might add before the year is over!


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