Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let the Freak Out Begin

What on earth was I thinking? A 50k??? Did I realize that is more than 31 miles?? Why would I do this?? Why??

The Freak Out is starting. I am finally starting to stress and worry about what I have managed to get myself into this time.

The Good:

  • L and I will probably be the most colorful/stylish people on the course
  • The race is less than a hour from my house
  • The weather looks like it will cooperate. No predicted moisture... great since this is a trail run. Lows will be upper 40s and highs in upper 60s. Hopefully I won't have to experience much of the high end of temps.
  • The course is a loop... (4 of them) - If I desperately have to quit, logistically it wouldn't be a total disaster.
The Bad:
  • I have a pretty good mileage base. However. I haven't run anything longer than a half marathon since I ran the Lost Dutchman marathon back in February
  • The course is a loop... (4 of them) - I'm going to have to run past the finish line quite a few times before I'll be done.
  • If I am slow/struggling, it will be pretty hot out there.
The Ugly:
  • 4 LOOP COURSE???? Yes, I did know this in advance. I've only done a loop course once, and I didn't like it at all. Hopefully this being a scenic course will make it less awful?
  • Only 2 aid stations on each loop. UGH!!! I do have a 10 oz bottle on my race belt, but I am used to aid stations being at MINIMUM every 2 miles. I am going to have to go twice as long between them. I tested a Camelbak during a training run over the weekend and DO NOT think I can race in it. I bought a handheld, but don't think I should risk racing with it? Guess I could always dump if necessary.
  • Altitude. Obviously I live in Colorado, at about 5,300 feet above sea level. This race is even HIGHER than that. Highest elevation is 7,400 feet. Can you hear me struggling for air? (I'm hyperventilating a bit just thinking about it).
The Plan:
  • Hydrate. I'll be honest. I suck BIG time at this. I have always sucked at this. I am beyond addicted to caffeine. Most of my fluid every day comes from diet Pepsi. I drink water at the gym, and usually a vitamin water at night. Goal is to drink only one soda day before the race. (C'mon, I'm not quitting cold turkey).
  • Carb Load. I'm awesome at this. I can eat more than anyone I know. I plan on hitting up my local Applebee's. (Surprise, surprise!)
  • Sleep. This one will be a struggle. When I travel, I actually sleep really well. I do NOT sleep well when I am at home. Add to the mix that we have a new puppy... I really want to aim for 6 hours of sleep. (Crossing my fingers).
  • START OUT SLOW... I plan on tackling this race the same way that I have my marathons. Start out at an "easy" pace. I don't plan on racing this at all. Anything I do will be an instant PR, so that is a load off anyway.
  • Time Goals?? Well. I'm really hesitant to even address this. The finish line is 8 hours. So... here they are:
    • Goal D - To finish. In under 8 hours so I can get that well-earned medal :D
    • Goal C - Finish in under 6 hours
    • Goal B - Finish in under 5.5 hours
    • Goal A - Finish in about 5 hours & 20 minutes. That's about the pace I train for distance on the treadmill when I don't feel like I'm overworking myself.
I'll be honest. The wheels are turning and the crazy is coming out. I have just a few days left to prepare for this race.

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  1. I have TOTAL confidence in you :D. I bet you kill it this weekend.

  2. You can do it.
    Yes, I can hear you struggling for air at altitude.

    Also, I bet you'll be surprised at the "treats" they have at the aid stations. We did a half that was a loop, and others went on to turn it into a marathon (2 loops) or more (3) loops. Best food ever! Coke and hot dogs, gummi bears and pretzels. I bet you get lots of energy on the course!

    Good luck!

  3. Of course you can do this! In fact, you're going to kick this ultra's ass. It won't know what hit it. :)

  4. I didn't even know that YOU could freak out!! I'm shocked - but now we know you are human after all. ;)

    Good luck. I know you'll pull through and finish BEFORE 8 hours, silly! Have a great time. Can't wait to hear every little thing about it. And I need pictures!!

  5. Are you kidding?! Just think of how many miles you've run in the last 6 months, the last year. You totally kick ass! Just remember this is an adventure and an INSTANT PR and have some fun.

  6. You'll be fine! Just start out slow, slow enough to make you feel 'this is slow'. That way you'll feel fine - even in the last miles! :) And hydrate! Keep on drinking small sips of water. I'd recommend taking the handheld. It takes a few miles to get used to it, but after that, you won't notice it's there. Promise. :)

  7. You will do great!!! No worries as it is an istant PR for sure. Take some pictures along the way so we can see how amazing your views were and this will also keep you busy enought to get threw the 4 loops. Have a great time as well.

    A puppy? Post some pictures of your new puppy. Everyone loves puppies and babies.

  8. Your mileage base is so amazing that I know you can do this. Can't wait to read about it.

  9. No worries.. The course is nice..just go out easy. I remember a big bottleneck at the start. Enjoy the day!

  10. You can do this! If you can rock a full marathon on mostly only half marathons as training, you can do this!

  11. And too bad you didn't get to hit up the Providence Half this past weekend. I couldn't have asked for better weather! It's definately a very pretty city to race in.

  12. I say focus on what you absolutely know that you can do. And for every mile beyond what you think is possible (when it starts to suck completely) you run that mile for someone else - your daughter, a relative, a friend in need, someone battling an illness, troops fighting for our freedom, people who lost their homes in the tornadoes, people in Japan - because you can. And don't forget to take walk breaks so you can take blog pics for us!

  13. Go for it!! Good Luck, can't wait to hear about it!

  14. kudos to you for having the courage!!!!! and I'd be concerned had there been no freak out :)


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