Tuesday, May 24, 2011

33BA - Day 8 - My Birthday and Arrival in Beijing

At some point it became May 18, my super awesome 33rd birthday. I really struggle sleeping on a plane although I did keep dozing off. After finishing the first movie, L had dozed off, and I tried to watch “The Mechanic.” I made it through the first part of the movie, but fell asleep and woke up after it was over. I dozed on and off and around 4:00 in the morning, we got served breakfast. A ham and cheese sandwich and a biscotti.

With about 4 hours to go I really felt like I needed to get up and move around a bit. I began chatting with one of the flight attendants who was just fascinated by our trip and all the traveling that we do for running.  Time flew by when I was talking with her, and before I knew it about 30 minutes had gone by. I started another movie “No Strings Attached” and made it most of the way through, but fell asleep again. I had been hoping that the movie would keep me pretty much occupied until we would be getting ready to land, but when I woke up we still had a few hours to go.

I started an episode of Hawaii 5-0 and fell asleep during that too. Woke up to have yet another meal being served – this time it was pizza and fruit. With about an hour to go, watched another show “Mike and Molly” or something, and then we were getting ready to land.

Not exactly my most exciting or memorable birthday. We landed earlier than scheduled, about 10:45 (vs the 11:30 we were scheduled for). It took a while to get off the plane since we were in the very back, and then had to go through customs and find our bags. Luckily everything went fine. I exchanged some money, and actually managed to find the person who was to take us to our hotel. By now it is almost midnight. We had been told that if there was no transfer and we had to pay our own way that it would be about $20 by Taxi. The drive was about 45 minutes, so not sure how accurate that rate was.
Beijing Airport
Arrived at our hotel after 1:15 am, and it seemed pretty classy! Checking in took a while because they have to make a copy of your passport and Visa. Get to our room, make sure our stuff is ready for the morning, but have to keep our bags packed since we will be checking out first thing in the morning. Take a quick shower and head to bed.

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  1. Wow - what a hotel room. I've never seen one with such fancy furniture!


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