Tuesday, May 24, 2011

33BA - Day 4 - NKOTB Cruise, Nassau, Pink Night

Woke up around 9:00. Seriously? That’s the best I can do? That’s only a little over 6 hours sleep. Crazy. Got dressed, grabbed our stuff for our afternoon in Nassau, then we headed upstairs for breakfast.

I ate something that I haven’t had in years. Cold cereal. Specifically Frosted Flakes. I really don’t eat cereal because I’m mildly freaked out by milk. But it was really good. Also had some fruit and Croissant. Yum.

After eating we headed to guest services to find out if people were getting off the boat yet. They were, so we did too. We didn’t have anything specifically planned, just decided to walk around a bit. We pretty much went into every single souvenir shop right off the docks.

Street in front of the marina in Nassau
I bet you all are thinking… wow. Your trip is going pretty smoothly so far. Something has to go wrong at some point…

We had been walking one way and we had just decided to turn around and head back because it looked like we were leaving the main street of shops. I pulled out my camera to take a picture of a street that had some really cool trees and plants on it. We keep walking and all of a sudden a man in uniform stops us in front of the McDonalds down the street. He says “Why didn’t you stop walking, you didn’t hear me yelling?” I say “all I heard was ‘hey’ this place is full of people yelling and horns honking, how was I to know it was me.”

The man then says that I need to go with him. I am freaked out. What is happening??? He walks us behind the McDonalds around some dumpsters and I am sure we are going to get raped and murdered. This is totally creepy. Then the man says I need to go with him, alone. What choice to I have? I finally say “What is this, where are you taking me?” He claims he is with the US Embassy.” Oh lord.

I get pulled into this teeny tiny office that has three chairs. I am grilled for 20 minutes over the picture I took on the street. Apparently I should have 1). Know that the US Embassy was there and 2). That it is forbidden to take pictures of it. So the man in uniform has to fill out this “incident report.” He is asking TONS of questions. He needs my ID and my cruise card and is annoyed I wasn’t carrying my passport. Wants to know were I was born and why I was REALLY taking pictures of the embassy. I really would love to post the cool tree lined street picture I took but they made me delete it off my phone. Long story short, I’m on some sort of “list” now. In other words, taking a picture of a US Embassy is incredibly suspicious and I’m flagged as a possible terrorist. No, I am not kidding.

The man lets me go and tell me to enjoy the rest of my trip. Yeah. Anything will be better than that totally creepy experience.

I meet up with L and tell her all about it, and we both agree that is the type of thing that would only happen to me. We decide to walk around a bit more, I still haven’t picked up anything for J or A.

I managed to find a cool shot glass for J (he collects them) and I got a cool glass for myself. It was SO hot walking around. We went in a lot more shops, but we didn’t really see anything of interest. The day was pretty much ruined after my earlier encounter, and we were starting to get hungry. (But, PS, nothing stopped me from taking more pictures...)

Outside the pirate shop 
Cool looking church

Cool tree
Important looking building and statue, and pink!

By the time we got back to the boat it was about 1:30. We had another buffet lunch. This time I had a huge salad, cheese and meat, and some jerked chicken. What I really wanted was a burger, but man, I know I’m already eating way crappier than I should be.

After lunch we decided that we would relax for about 30 minutes and then we would head to the gym before dinner. Fail. We both fell asleep, and we really didn’t even wake up until about 5. Oops. Get dressed and then headed upstairs for dinner. We had planned on doing the salad first, but of course they buffet wasn’t ready yet. So we decided for dinner first and salad later. This time I got a grilled chicken with some veggies. Also had a ridiculously small fancy plate of fruit. Then we headed over the buffet and got our salad and dessert. (½ slice of strawberry cheesecake and ½ slice of a vanilla cookie cake).

Fancy fruit at dinner
We figured we had to go the gym immediately before “resting” since that usually leads to sleeping. With nothing else on the agenda, it was the perfect time to go. It was not crowded at all, so got in a bit over 5 miles. And I felt really good. Probably the best treadmill workout I have had for a long time.
More towel creativity

Get back to our room, shower, and then more relaxing. This time it’s watching a few episodes of “Law and Order” before the next theme night. We decided to head up to the deck just after 11:00. Since we were anchored in Nassau, it wasn’t nearly as windy as the other nights. Theme night tonight was “Pink” in memory of Danny’s mom who died of breast cancer. We didn’t get very good seats at this party, and with all the flashing lights I couldn’t really get any good pictures of the guys. Gotta say that my favorite outfit was Joe in his neon pink spandex. He is pretty hilarious. I opted not to drink again and we only stayed out until just before 2:30. I don’t know how these other women are able to party until dawn! We even napped a few hours. Doesn’t make sense.

Ignore the creepy eyes....
L and her pink twirly skirt
Joe's pink tights were awesome!
Donnie was RIGHT behind us!

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  1. Only you! Seriously, it can ONLY happen to you! How on earth are we supposed to know we can't take pictures of things in other places? That is just crazy! I totally want to google the US Embassy there and see what it looks like!

    Donnie was totally close enough to sweat on you. Did he?? Loving the pink - even on Joe! *sigh* He's so cute!


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